Dragon Ball Z: Perfection – LAUNCH DAY!

The full checklist for Dragon Ball Z: Perfection is now available here. Don’t forget to check your local store for information about Launch Events taking place this weekend. Tag your launch photos with #PaniniDBZ to see your event featured on the @PaniniDBZ Twitter account!

We hope everyone has a great time this weekend, and it’s exciting to imagine the impact that Perfection will have on the metagame. . .

2 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z: Perfection – LAUNCH DAY!

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  2. We had a great launch event at Equilibrium Games in Concord, CA!

    My only concern is about the new playmats. Why is it portraying Frieza and his henchmen?! I was hoping for a Cell themed playmat. I mean c’mon, match the playmat with the saga it comes with!

    Other than that, this new set looks and plays amazingly. Mr Popo breaks games in Namekian mirror matches though… watch out for that.


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