Perfection’s First Week + Box Winner!

Find out the winner of Tuesday’s Perfection box below, with some end of week thoughts:

First, congratulations to Taylor who wins a box of Perfection and commented with Black Perceptive Yamcha.  We will email you to confirm your contact and shipping information. Thanks to everyone for participating, and you can look forward to more giveaways in the future.
Now that Perfection is one week old, it is officially legal for tournament play! The impact of the new MPs will certainly be felt at events taking place this weekend, including ARG Richmond. Last post, we asked which Perfection character you’ve been using the most. There was a healthy amount of support for all four MPs, but Cell has taken an early jump ahead of the pack. When approaching this stage of the burgeoning meta, you’ll want to prepare yourself to face Cell. Meanwhile, Cell pilots must determine which Style grants them the best overall matchup in an unknown field – as well as decide how to function against other Cell decks. Namekian seems to be a popular choice for Cell, but strategies in Saiyan or Blue might be better prepared for the mirror.
Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Good with Cell. Good against Cell. Saiyan Peace? It’s good.

Master Roshi has combo players buzzing, and they are pushing the limits of cards like Orange Charge, Red Shoulder Grab, and Blue Training. Many feel that Yamcha is the most useful MP in the new set, but his exact application and place in the meta remain to be seen. Not to be forgotten, Android 16 is taking longer to grasp than the usual MP.



As the Perfection environment continues to unfold, we’ll check back and see how the new characters have developed!


7 thoughts on “Perfection’s First Week + Box Winner!

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    • I agree 1000% if Panini makes a free style mastery I would love to run 16, but until then he doesn’t feel good enough to run for me yet.


  2. 16 is just not good.

    But Panini, ESPECIALLY after Richmond PLEASE understand that BDK is STILL the best deck in the game after FIVE SETS. PLEASE try to adjust for this in the next set.


    • What does BDK stand for? Black … Krillin I’m guessing. No idea what the D stands for. I prefer my Blue Golden-Frieza Beatdown deck.


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