Perfection CRD Update

The CRD has been updated to version 4.2, and you can download it here.

Updates can be found in red, and include the following cards:

  • Black Delay functions exactly as it did before, except against attacks that are banished after use. However, note that an attack that with “(Banish after use.)” would banish itself from a player’s hand if it was returned by Black Delay.
  • Orange Smash has been updated to unify its text with Black Destructive Beam. Moving forward, we’ll use this standardized wording for all effects of this nature.
  • Orange Charge no longer allows you to arrange the cards it reveals when you fail to reveal a Styled attack. Orange Charge is meant to enable combos, and we’ve seen some interesting permutations emerge in the last few weeks. From a competitive standpoint, Orange Charge does not create any decks that have been deemed too powerful for the environment. However, practical use has raised concerns over the amount of time it takes to execute the effect. Even with a specific order in mind, it can take a while to arrange everything (let alone any time needed to deviate from a pre-determined stack). Even with this clarification in place, you’ll still be able to pull off explosive combos – just with a few added steps.

The changes in this CRD take place immediately, so be sure to take them into account when planning for upcoming events.

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