GAMA Photo Recap

The DBZ TCG was in full effect at this week’s GAMA trade show, and you can see some photos below!

Final preparations before opening the show: IMG_0701

Panini’s DBZ TCG booth, which included the debut of a new Demo Deck. The Demo Deck offers a scripted walkthrough of some sample turns, and it should help out new players in your area! IMG_0700

By the end of GAMA’s Gaming Night, the whole room was covered in DBZ TCG shirts:IMG_0704

This crate has seen some things: IMG_0710


5 thoughts on “GAMA Photo Recap

  1. How do I get ahold of one of the demo decks to help get new players into my locals , also I want one of those panini dbz shirts 🙂


    • They should be going out to distributors this week, so check with yours and see if they have any available. We’ll be looking to do more later on in the year at a higher quantity so stores can hand them out to potential players versus probably keeping this first batch for in-store demos.


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  3. Have you guys considered attending conventions besides comic con? Anime Expo is huge and makes more sense than comic con in my opinion. You’ve done SDCC two years in a row. Take the game to anime conventions and I think you’d gain many new players.


    • Absolutely; we’re continuing to review and expand upon where we can showcase DBZ and places like AX and other anime conventions are a great way to get in front of potential new players.


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