DBZ TCG Demo Deck Breakdown

Check out the new demo deck below:

Demo decks will initially be available to stores through their normal distributors. Demo decks are meant to provide a quick intro for new players, and they contain two small stacks of cards (all tournament legal, with some useful new Attack Tables):

IMG_1598 copy

The box also includes Starter mats and a pamphlet that walks each player through two scripted turns.


We hope that these demo decks prove to be a useful tool for teaching the game to beginners! In the future, you can expect a wider release of the demo decks through various methods of distribution. The full demo is available for download here.

3 thoughts on “DBZ TCG Demo Deck Breakdown

  1. This is great!!! Now fans that are curious about the game that always ask me what I’m playing will have a way to learn. Hopefully this will boost the fanbase and vary the competition for locals everywhere.


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  3. You know.
    I kind of like the regular card look for Starter MPs.
    The original SDCC promos looked good.
    These regular looking Goku and Trunks 1 look good.
    I wouldn’t mind a product release of 30 non-randomized cards that were regular card versions of the 24 MP cards and 6 Mastery cards from Starters.
    Heck, since there are 2 starter sets, you could make a single release of 60 cards (deck size) that’s just Regular card starter MPs and Masteries with Most Recent Printings.
    You could even make a Deck Builder’s Kit with these 60 cards and other staples that need Most Recent Printings out in the wild. (Roughly 40-50 styled cards per style and a few boosters from different sets to round it out).
    Actually, this is starting to sounds like a Capsule Corp Power Pack.


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