Tuesday Tidbits

Gaze into the crystal ball for some hints about the future of Z!

-Dragon Ball Z: Vengeance is still several months out, but we can confirm today that Tim Batow’s World Champion card will be included in the next set – as a Dragon Rare. While the foil pattern from Perfection will be hard to top, Vengeance is rounding out nicely…


Rare footage of the champ’s deck building process.

-Fans and retailers alike have often requested more DBZ gaming accessories, such as sleeves or deck boxes.


How do you activate these things again?

-As we approach the next season of Organized Play, you’ll find more details about dates, locations, and prizes posted here on the blog. Here’s a small appetizer:


Visiting the Past is just one of many promos cards that will be given out this season! (Note:    This image is missing text and Visiting the Past is still banished after use.)



7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

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  2. Ha ha, I was wondering when there’d be a Visiting Promo. Looking forward to getting one (or more).

    Not sure if others would agree, but some re-promos like Time, Confrontation and Stare Down might be cool too. Foils of all kind are awesome.


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