Vengeance Previews: Unleashed!

Today’s batch of Vengeance previews includes UR142 Unleashed – check it out below!

First and foremost, Unleashed is a universal search effect for cards that can be attached to your MP. This allows for a deck filled with a toolbox of attachment effects, or simply a few key attach cards.

Unleashed is also one of the most effective cards in the game at manipulating Levels, which is applicable to every strategy. Aggressive decks benefit greatly from the ability to filter through MP actions, or simply reach an overwhelming Level 4 Power. Midrange decks thrive on this card’s flexibility. Control decks favor the option to drop up or down to a specific Constant Power. While Saiyan and Red have the most natural affinity for attachment effects, other MPs and non-Styled cards (such as below) can support an Unleashed package in other Styles.

Finally, Unleashed serves to punish things like Orange Devouring Drill, Namekian Leaping Kick, and Android 13. Destroying your own attached cards to drop an opponent multiple Levels can also enable combos or provide extra utility (such as removing a negative effect like Black Capture).

Quick Blast is a versatile option for combat-oriented Hero decks. At a base level, it deals 4 life or 4 stages for the cost of only 1 stage. While attached, it pesters cards like Time is a Warrior’s Tool and Yamcha’s Rescue – and the ability to shuffle your Life Deck is always a welcome addition in aggro builds.

Singing Drill functions best as a search target in a deck that is otherwise light on Drills. When dropped during Combat, it allows you to filter a card out of your hand and dig a little deeper into your deck – even when searched by Villainous Empowerment!

Most Android Allies offer some sort of immediate impact, but Android 13’s Power is worth the effort to drain your MP to 0. With six other Android Allies available as fuel, 13 can consistently enable large chunks of damage while banishing Allies that are less relevant in a given matchup.

Check back this week for an update to the Tournament Guide, and on Friday we’ll unveil the Android 13 MP stack! Until then, you can find more spoilers on the following fansites and podcasts:


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