Tournament Guide Update and More Gen Con Promos!

Regionals begin this weekend, and the new Tournament Guide will be in full effect.

 The Tournament Guide has been updated to v2.0, and you can download it here. Note the redefined parameters for Slow Play, and please pay special attention to the change regarding rankings tiebreakers:

(2) total score of the opponents that defeated the player > (3) total score of opponents defeated by the player 

Previously, the second tiebreaker for rankings was determined by the total score of players that you defeated. Now, it is determined by the total score of the players that defeated you. This change was made to make Top Cut more representative of the players that had the strongest performance throughout the day.

The Tournament Guide also makes reference to different Judge tiers, and you’ll be able to find out more about the Judge Program (and how to apply) in the near future.

Finally, don’t forget to pre-register for the Gen Con Qualifer – the attendance cap is already over half full! In addition to the previously announced prizes, we’re also sweetening the pot with the following promos:


Unleashed says hello.

Each participant will receive 3 copies of P9 Red Trailing Blast.

Each Top Cut player will also receive 3 copies of P2 Orange Precise Shot.

Check back on Friday for more Vengeance previews, and stay tuned for details about the upcoming Super Elite rankings!

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