Four for Friday: Regionals Eve!

The second season of Organized Play kicks off tomorrow – find out about the Super Elite program below! 

1. Deep breath before the plunge…

The first of sixteen Regionals takes place at Paradox Comics-N-Cards in Fargo, ND – click here for more info. Players attending Organized Play events should be be fully familiar with the Tournament Guide and CRD. You can also save time by filling out your Deck Registration Form in advance.

Dazzling plays, thrilling comebacks, friendships revisited and forged anew – the road to Worlds begins now! Let’s make this season a sensation, and good luck to everyone participating this weekend.

2. The Super Elite 

The Super Elite rankings page is now live, including a breakdown of the point system. The more events you attend, the more points you can accumulate – including bonuses for representing certain MPs!

3. Vengeance Previews

Android 13’s MP stack adds an extra layer of value to any card with “Android” in the title. With Android 13 – Redneck Robot, playing a high count of Android cards ensures that Android 13 will reach Level 2 with ease. Meanwhile, his attack deals a solid 4 stages of damage, and its HIT effect allows for a wide array of Android tech:

Android 15 requires running even more Android cards for fuel, but grants the ability to banish a Drill or attached card outside of combat. This allows Android 13 to consistently remove restrictive effects such as Wall Breaker, and the self-destruction has beneficial interactions with several other cards. While other Android MPs can benefit from this effect, Android 13 is the most likely to have enough “Android” cards to burn.

Similar to #15, Android 14 provides board removal outside of combat. On top of that, he can still be searched during combat to destroy roadblocks like Villainous Visage. The Constant ability quickly becomes threatening for any Android Ally deck, including non-13 builds.

Android 13 can often reach Level 2 in the first combat, and most of the time he won’t be staying there long. At the cost of banishing #14 and #15 from play/the discard pile, Android 13 is able to advance a level when entering combat. This allows Android 13 to maintain his current anger level, ramping him up at breakneck speed!

When you reach Android 13 mid-combat, he still generates an action in the form of a 3 stage poke that forces a skip. On HIT, you’ll be able to recur Android 14 or 15 as needed.

Android 13 – Dark Villain has a vicious “when entering combat” effect, and it chains directly from Level 2’s auto-advance. In addition, he packs a sizable 7 stage attack with the potential to shut down opposing Constant Powers.

Android 13 – Surging Strength has a Constant effect that can lead to your opponent skipping several actions in a row. The ability to gain anger or chain attacks before your opponent can intervene is relevant to both beatdown and MPPV strategies. His Level 4 rounds out the stack (giving him an attack on every Level!), dealing additional damage for each of your discarded “Android” cards.

Android 13’s Impenetrable Defense provides a quick anger boost whenever discarded or destroyed from your Life Deck, making it a key target for Android 15 against non-physical decks. When used as a block, it drains an astounding five stages and ensures that your next successful attack will end combat.

Many “Android” cards become more attractive with Android 13’s MP stack, and they offer varying amounts of specific utility. With Android 13’s S.S. Deadly Bomber, you’ll be able to filter through them as needed, with the upside of piercing Endurance.

4. Next time, on Dragon Ball Z  

Check back next week for a breakdown of Fargo, more previews (including Cooler), Judge Program details, and more! In the meantime, you can find more Vengeance spoilers on the following fansites and podcasts:

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  2. 13 seems like a lot of fun. I look forward to messing around with him and the other new android allies.

    I’m also very excited about the new Judge Program info on the way. I’ve considered being a judge before, and now that I’m in charge of starting a local play branch in my area I’d love to have that extra expertise under my belt.


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