2016 North Dakota Regional – Live Updates

The first regional of the season is underway at Paradox Comics-n-Cards in Fargo, ND! 91 players are here to battle for the worlds invites and a bevy of prizes!

The event is being livestreamed with commentary provided by Dragon Ball Radio! You can tune in to the event at the Dragon Ball Radio twitch channel.
The Style breakdown is as follows:

Black – 22
Blue – 19
Namekian – 22
Orange – 12
Red – 13
Saiyan – 3

Stay tuned for more updates live from Fargo!

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Round 3 Update:

11 Players are currently undefeated after the first three rounds! Our current 3-0s feature an array of unique decks, with only one duplicate MP/Mastery combo:

Black Devious Tenshinhan
Black Devious Krillin
Black Devious Android 20
Black Devious Captain Ginyu
Blue Protective Captain Ginyu
Namekian Restored Cell
Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
2x Orange Adaptive Android 20
Red Enraged Master Roshi
Saiyan Empowered Cell

All six styles are represented in the decks of these excellent players – and there’s plenty more in the lower ranks who can still make it to the top! Stay tuned for more updates!

Round 5 Update:

There are 3 players remaining who are undefeated through their first five rounds – Rodney Wayne Wilkinson III and Frisco Fahs have shown everyone the Power of Perfection with Cell in the Saiyan Empowered Mastery and Namekian Restored Mastery respectively, and Elmer Walter remains the sole undefeated Orange Adaptive Android 20 player.

The players who have lost a round are no slouches to deck diversity, either – among the X-1s you can find Blue Protective Android 17, Black Devious Tien, Red Enraged Roshi, Black Devious Roshi, and Black Devious Ginyu, along with a few more Cells and Android 20s! It’s tough to say at this point what our top cut will look like – but there’s a lot of room for many types of deck to find a foothold!

Top 16 Update:

Your first Top 16 of the 2016 OP Season are here! In alphabetical order:

Black Devious Android 20 – Daniel White
Black Devious Captain Ginyu – Tony Ortiz
Black Devious Krillin – Wyatt Chisholm
Black Devious Master Roshi – Sundeep Kutumbaka
Blue Protective Captain Ginyu – Chad Oltman
Namekian Knowledge Piccolo – Timothy Cable
Namekian Restored Cell – Frisco Fahs
Namekian Restored Cell – Jordan Syverson
Orange Adaptive Android 20 – Elmer Walter
Orange Adaptive Android 20 – Ethan Hettwer
Orange Adaptive Android 20 – James Piper
Orange Adaptive Android 20 – James Rummenie
Orange Adaptive Android 20 – Matthew Coombs
Orange Adaptive Krillin – Michael McCutcheon
Red Enraged Master Roshi – Mitchell Janowiec
Saiyan Empowered Cell – Wayne Wilkinson III

Orange 20 takes the lion’s share of the Top Cut, but will it make it to the finals? We’ll continue to post updates – check back to find out!

Top 4 Update:

Top 8 saw the elimination of a few strong decks and skilled players – and a few Best in Style awards given out!

Wayne Wilkinson wins Best in Style for Saiyan – an impressive feat!!
FullSizeRender (4)
Tim Cable had the Knowledge needed to take home Best in Style for Namekian!
FullSizeRender (3)
And in Top 16 Chad Oltman rocked a Royals Blue getup to win the Best in Style for Blue!
FullSizeRender (5)

Top 4 is now underway and features an interesting mix of decks:

Red Enraged Master Roshi (Mitchell Janowiec) vs Black Devious Captain Ginyu (Tony Ortiz)
Orange Adaptive Krillin (Michael McCutcheon) vs Black Devious Master Roshi (Sundeep Kutumbaka)

Stakes are high as these players fight for the invite to Worlds and the fantastic cash prize – Check back for finals and the final result!

Finals update

Michael McCutcheon’s unique Orange Adaptive Krillin got taken out in Top 4, but his Best in Style – Orange trophy will remain a reminder of his accomplishment!

FullSizeRender (8)

Finals are just beginning – and it’s a battle of two Masters!

Sundeep Kutumbaka tore down the competition with Black Roshi, utilizing his unique advantages provided by his MP levels, the damage boost from Black Devious Mastery and capitalizing on his synergy between his named attack and Defiant Challenge to take his opponent’s down life card by life card.

Mitchell Janowiec, a Fargo native, showed his prowess in Dragon Ball control all day, using the Red Enraged Mastery and a powerful array of setups to fuel a dual MPPV/Dragon Ball approach to wish his way into the finals.

The two scored the Best in Style trophies for Black and Red respectively – and now, these mentally drained martial masters will begin their three round melee to determine the first Regional Champion of 2016!

Update after Game 1 of Finals

Janowiec takes game 1, fighting through an early Black Capture banishing his Namek Dragon Ball 1 and slowly picking away his deck. At nearly the end, a Sinister Choke thrown by Kutumbaka resulted in a Tug of War as damage, banishing Kami and giving Janowiec the last Dragon Ball he needed for victory!

Game 2 is beginning now – stay tuned to see if Kutumbaka can make a comeback!

Update – a Champion is Crowned!

Janowiec defeats Kutumbaka 2-0 in finals, with Dragon Ball Victory achieved in both games. While both players played well all day, and both will be seen at Worlds later this year, Janowiec’s wish was granted as he alone claims the Champion playmat to commemorate his victory.

FullSizeRender (9)

It was a fanastic end to the first Regional of the season, and there are sure to be many more memorable games to come! Stop in for coverage of next week’s Regional at Nerd Rage Gaming in Rosemont, IL!

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