2016 NH Regional – Live Updates

The anticipated New Hampshire Regional has begun! 99 eager Z-Warriors have made the trek to the northeast to compete for their share of Worlds invites and prizes! Even the Champ has come out to celebrate the recent Awakening reveal!

Check out the twitch stream here courtesy of Random Number Gaming. Up first we have Eric Melone (earning invites to worlds in multiple OP seasons) piloting Enraged Nail against a Perceptive Wheelo! Stay tuned for more updates and an MP/Mastery Breakdown!


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Kentucky Regional Live Updates!

The Kentucky 2016 Regional has kicked off with 180 players! They face off for a chance to earn 2 of the available invites to attend the 2016 World Championship!

K Reg 2016 Pic

What an exciting turn of events here today! Every Mastery has been represented, along with a few suprising  MP choices. Will we see the usual suspects take the invites or will a break out star emerge victorious? Time will soon tell.

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2016 Selden Regional – Live Updates

One of the first Vengeance Regionals has begun – 134 players have come out to Brothers Grim Games in Selden, NY to battle in a fresh metagame! Saiyan Broly has broken into the meta in force and there are plenty of Cooler and Android 13 builds in various styles. Will a new MP come out on top or will a familiar face be victorious? Unfortunately we do not have a stream set up for viewing matches throughout the day, but stay tuned for live updates!

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