Georgia Regional Update!!!!

145 Brave souls have traveled to Carrolton, Georgia to compete in this regional event hosted by Quest Comic Shop! 145 players means we will have 8 rounds with a cut to the top 16 players! Action will be fierce.


There is a wild diversity of decks on display, here is a breakdown of the MPs and their respective masteries!

Blue Protective Mastery -10 – 6 Cooler, 1 Yamcha, 1 Android 20, 1 Hero Vegeta, 1 Gohan.

Blue Tag Team -11- 6 Captain Ginyu, 2 Android 13, 1 Gohan, 1 Goku, 1 Dr. Wheelo

Orange Adaptive Mastery -13-  8 Yamcha, 2 Goku, 1 Broly, 1 Android 20, 1 Android 19

Orange Adept Mastery -Less Than 1

Saiyan Empowered Mastery -14- 10 Broly, 2 Raditz, 1 Goku, 1 Cell

Saiyan Rampaging Mastery – 😦

Black Devious Mastery -32- 9 Android 13, 11 Black Cooler, 2 Yacmha, 3 Master Roshi, 2 Broly, 1 Tenshinhan, 1 Android 18, 1 Trunks

Black Perceptive Mastery -2- 1 Tien, 1 Broly

Namekian Restored Mastery -10- 1 Cell, 9 Gohan

Namekian Knowledge Mastery -8- 1 Gohan, 7 Piccolo

Red Ruthless Mastery-13- 1 Android 13, 1 Android 17, 1 Trunks, 10 Broly

Red Enraged Mastery-26- 13 Cooler, 5 Android 13, 3 Broly, 2 Master Roshi, 1 Tenshinhan, 1 Garlic Jr. 1 Frieza THE SUPER MASTER VILLAIN.

Lets take a look at our current undefeated players and their weapons of choice.

Through round 4!
Chad Scott – Blue Protective Cooler
Kuan Li- Namekian Restored Cell
Matthew Coombs – Blue Tag Team Captain Ginyu
Justin Mabe – Blue Tag Team Gohan
Sebastian Lambert – Restored Gohan
Kevin Dennis – Red Enraged Master Roshi
Christopher Adcock – Black Devious Cooler
John Fraley – Saiyan Empowered Broly


We are in the final round of swiss, and only one deck remains as the lone undefeated. Matt Coombs has taken Blue Tag Captain Ginyu to 7-0! Other players who are looking to close out strong are:
Tony “Bradoul the Executioner” Ortiz – Ruthless Broly
John Mitchelltree – Protective Cooler
Shawn Tittle – Protective Cooler
Cody Jakobitz – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Trent Lynch – Saiyan Empowered Godku

And many more! Please stay tuned for the top 16 posted shortly!!!!

Top 16 Match Up!
Tony Ortiz (Red  Ruthless Broly) v Cody Jakobitz (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
Timothy Dennis (Blue Tag Team Captain Ginyu) v John Moore (Saiyan Empowered Broly)
Chad Scott (Blue Protective Cooler)  v Cain Buckley (Red Enraged Broly)
Shawn Linnen (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo) v Chris Adcock (Black Devious Cooler)
Robert Delaney (Orange Adaptive Yamcha) v Thomas Veazie (Red Enraged Cooler)
Derek Faraji (Red Enraged Android 13) v Shawn Tittle (Blue Protective Cooler)
Matt Coombs (Blue Tag Team Captain Ginyu) v Michael Shaloub (Red Enraged Cooler)
John Fraley (Saiyan Empowered Broly) v Justin Coggin (Red Ruthless Broly)

Top 8 Match Up!
Matt Coombs (Blue Tag Team Captain Ginyu) v Chad Scott (Blue Protective Cooler)
Cody Jakobitz (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo) v Timothy Dennis (Blue Tag Team Ginyu)
Justin Coggin (Red Ruthless Broly) v Shawn Linnen (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
Thomas Veazie (Red Enraged Cooler) v  Derek Faraji (Red Enraged Android 13)

Top 4 Match Up!
Matt Coombs (Blue Tag Team Captain Ginyu) v Cody Jakobitz (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)

Thomas Veazie (Red Enraged Cooler) v Justin Coggin (Red Ruthless Broly)

Top 2 Final Match Up!

Justin Coggin (Red Ruthless Broly)  v Cody Jakobitz (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)


Broly is powerful. Justin Coggin showed us how powerful with his win today in Georgia in the Red Ruthless variety. Cody Jakobitz showed that Green is Gold with his second place finish with Namekian Piccolo. Thank you for following!



Stay tuned to the blog as we will update throughout the day! You can also watch the action hosted by Dragon Ball Radio on Twitch!



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