Georgia Recap & More Awakening URs!

A recap from Georgia, OP venue announcements, and more Awakening previews – click below for more!

Last Saturday, the latest Regional (hosted by Quest Comic Shop) saw 145 participants make their way to Carrollton, GA! With only three Regionals remaining this season (and the subsequent legality of Awakening), the metagame continues to evolve as players delve into new directions in search of a competitive edge. The field for Georgia featured significant representation for all six Styles, with Black and Red on top.


The T16 showcased an eclectic mix of decks, including early-Vengeance stalwarts like Ruthless Broly and Enraged Cooler (along with the continued success of Black Devious Cooler) fighting it out with new developments like Blue Tag Team Ginyu – or the recently revived Namekian Knowledge Piccolo! The final match saw Red Ruthless Broly (Justin Coggin) against Namekian Knowledge Piccolo (Cody Jakobitz), with Broly claiming another event victory!

T4 deck lists:

Congratulations to Justin and Cody for earning invitations to Worlds! Only a handful of Worlds Invites remain:

  • 10/8: Las Vegas, Nevada (Pre-register here)
  • 10/15: Vacaville, CA (Pre-register here)
  • 10/22: Lenexa, KS (Pre-register here)
  • 11/5: Dragon Prix – New Orleans (venue info here)
  • 11/11-11/3: World Championship Qualifier and World Championship

Check back later in the week for more information about the World Championship, including venue details, hotel group rates, side events, and more. Every single DBZ player will have a reason to attend Worlds – plan on being there!

The Super Elite rankings have been updated, and this is another way to earn an invitation to Worlds. Before Dragon Prix – New Orleans, the top 4 Super Elite players that have not yet earned an invite will qualify for Worlds. Stay tuned for further details about Super Elite rankings!

Awakening Previews

  • 1. Awakening URs

Awakening will contain 6 Ultra Rare cards, including reprints of Heroic Energy Sphere and Villainous Energy Sphere

  • 2. Reprint Policy

Any card originally printed at Ultra Rare or higher rarity, if reprinted, will always be reprinted as an Ultra Rare or limited-release promo. Rares will also have special attention paid to when and how they are reprinted. Ultimately, the goal of reprints in the DBZ TCG is to increase accessiblity of older cards to new players and offer alternate art/foil versions of fan-favorite cards – all while attempting to preserve player confidence in the stable value of their cards. Finally, reprints also serve to keep a card thawed out – Energy Spheres will be legal for at least the next two years!

  • 3. Dragon Rares

DRs drop at a rate of one per box, and Awakening contains 30 of them! All of the high-tech Starter Deck MPs and Masteries will be available in booster packs as DRs, giving each character a chase-rarity stack and adding some extra bling to Masteries! As Dragon Rares are their own rarity,  these pack versions of Masteries and MPs do not detract from your normal amount of foils per box.

Check back on Friday for Cell and the Namekian Radiant Mastery, and you can find additional spoilers on the following fansites and podcasts: