Florida Regional Live Updates!

We are underway here at Cool Stuff Hollywood for 7 rounds of heated action with 83 players!


Ready for battle!!!!

As expected, Broly and Cooler are showing a strong presence in the MP pool, but there are some surprises to be found today as well! Here is a Mastery/MP breakdown to hold everyone over before we get some real results as the day progresses!

Mastery count:
19 – Black Devious
0 – Black Perceptive
7 – Blue Protective
4 – Blue Tag Team
4 – Namekian Knowledge
1 – Namekian Restored
5 – Orange Adaptive
0 – Orange Adept
17 – Red Enraged
10 – Red Ruthless
14 – Saiyan Empowered
1 – Saiyan Rampaging

5 Black Devious Cooler
2 Black Devious Krillin
1 Black Devious Frieza
1 Black Devious Raditz
2 Black Devious Broly
1 Black Devious Master Roshi
7 Black Devious Android 13

4 Blue Protective Cooler
1 Blue Protective Cell
1 Blue Protective Broly
1 Blue Protective Gohan
3 Blue Tag Team Android 13
1 Blue Tag Team Trunks
EDIT: 1 Blue Tag Team Android 18

3 Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
1 Namekian Knowledge Gohan
1 Namekian Restored Gohan

4 Orange Adaptive Yamcha
1 Orange Adaptive Tenshinhan

9 Red Enraged Cooler
3 Red Enraged Android 13
2 Red Enraged Broly
1 Red Enraged Piccolo
1 Red Enraged Master Roshi
1 Red Enraged Garlic Jr.
9 Red Ruthless Broly
1 Red Ruthless Tenshinhan

13 Saiyan Empowered Broly
1 Saiyan Empowered Trunks
1 Saiyan Rampaging Broly


EDIT: Round 4 action has begun, and the top tables are flowing with the usual suspects, but there is a plot twist in the works it seems…..

Your undefeated players are as follows!

Tony Ortiz – Black Devious Raditz
Dairon Roman – Saiyan Empowered Broly
Matthew Coombs – Black Devious Cooler
Elmer Walter – Red Enraged Cooler
Christofer Padilla  – Orange Adaptive Yamcha
Michael Self – Blue Protective Cooler
Christian Santiago – Saiyan Empowered Broly
Ryan Ward – Red Enraged Cooler
Dillon Warren – Saiyan Empowered Broly
John Fraley – Saiyan Empowered Broly


EDIT: We are headed into the FINAL round, and a lot of brave warriors have fallen. However, we still have some players going strong into the final round. Elmer Walter and Christian Santiago both lead the charge as the undefeated player, and there are many players among the top tables fighting for their chance at an invite for World’s!
Some decks to look out for still that we didn’t mention before are Red Enraged Broly, Black Devious Krillin, Orange Adaptive Tenshinhan along with the decks mentioned before, are in contention for top cut!

EDIT: Here is your top 16!
Elmer Walter – Red Enraged Cooler
Dairon Roman – Saiyan Empowered Broly
Dillon Warren – Saiyan Empowered Broly
James Mayer – Red Enraged Cooler
John Mitchelltree III – Blue Protective Cooler
Seaver Palmer – Blue Protective Cooler
Joey Walter – Black Devious Krillin
Jeremiah Wood – Blue Tag Team Android 13
Matthew Coombs – Black Devious Cooler
Christian Santiago – Saiyan Empowered Broly
Nathaniel McDonough –  Red Enraged Broly
Tyler Steenmeijer – Orange Adaptive Yamcha
Mitchell Kutner – Blue Protective Gohan
Kyle Flores – Red Ruthless Broly
Frank Barberi – Black Devious Android 13
Tony Ortiz – Black Devious Raditz (BIG TIME BONUS RADITZ)

Top 8
John Mitchelltree III v. Christian Santiago
Dillon Warren v. Kyle Flores
Mitchell Kutner v.. James Mayer
Dairon Roman v. Matthew Coombs

Top 4
Christian Santiago v. Dillon Warren
James Mayer v. Matthew Coombs

Final round is Christian Santiago with Saiyan Empowered Broly against James Mayer and Red Enraged Cooler! Keep tuned to see who takes it all!

Congrats to Christian Santiago on his win with Broly. Saiyan is breaking out big time! James Mayer will be going to worlds with his second place finish with Red Enraged Cooler!


Thanks to Cool Stuff Games Hollywood for being gracious hosts!

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