Four for Friday: Regional Reignition

Check below for Regional Reminders, Awakening teasers, and more!

1. Florida Regional

The post-Gen Con pause is over, and the Regionals resume this weekend at Cool Stuff Games in Hollywood, Florida! Participants will need to be fully familiar with the Tournament Guide and CRD, found here. As always, you can save time by filling out your Deck Registration Form in advance.

Other upcoming Regional events:

  • 8/27 Louisville, KY: Info
  • 9/3 Warren, MI: Info
  • 9/10 San Gabriel, CA: Info
  • 9/17 Manchester, NH: Info

2. Awakening Trickle

  • In addition to the Starter Deck characters (Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Hercule, and Cell), you’ll also be able to find two Villain MPs in Awakening booster packs.
  • The set contains 7 new Allies – including some fan-favorites on the Hero side!
  • Vegeta will receive a new Named card in Awakening


3. New Meta

Vengeance is far from solved, and Gen Con’s results throw a larger wrench into the machinery. Android 13 remains as a serious predator, while emerging strategies like Unleashed decks, refined Broly builds, and Midrange Blue all seem poised to make more of an impact in the second half of the season.

Masteries that can deal with stage damage such as Saiyan Empowered and Blue Tag Team are well positioned in the current meta, as well as several fast-leveling or stage oriented MPs (many of which are on the bonus list!)

4. Question of the Week(end) 

Which current Bonus MP do you feel is most capable of winning a Regional? Find the full list here, and sound off in the comments section below!

Check back next week for a full breakdown from Florida, and be sure to check the latest Super Elite Rankings as the season (and Worlds Invite count) winds down!

9 thoughts on “Four for Friday: Regional Reignition

  1. Honestly to answer the question I have to say ..

    Raditz – raditz has am the ability to gain control through hand advantage on 2 different levels and create a controlled critical lock on 4 with red and a way to control combat in black . Level 4 with red blaze is an amazing critical machine . I feel like a red enraged raditz deck can use and abuse many cards like blaze and his named card to never get stuck with unwanted dead cards in hand.

    But my other bonus MP I think that is very underrated is android 19 X his named card allowed you to gain stages and allows for a camping a strategy while his other levels also push for the same ability to constantly gain stages in a physical heavy meta game .. He is very under rated I believe ..


  2. Garlic Jr., is probably the most realistic to take a regional. He works very well in anger archetypes. Unfortunately, his level 4 can give away games and there are other personalities that can rival garlics anger synergies. Which is why some people just audible towards it due to Garlics late game difficulties.


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  4. I feel that out of all of those Bonus MP’s, Goku is the best positioned, but only if he exploits the SDCC promo + Kaio-ken Enhanced drill loop in Devious in order to loop Smoothness Drill in the event that the opponent bumps him up a level with IDYG or similar effects.


  5. I’m gonna be taking either Black Devious Android 18 or Orange Adept Android 18 to troll people with.


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