Tuesday Tidbits

Three tidbits for Tuesday – including a long desired reveal about Awakening! Read more below:

1. Florida Regional Reminders

The next Regional on the schedule takes place this Saturday at Cool Stuff Games in Hollywood, Florida! You can find more information here. While pre-registration is not available at this time, this is a large venue with ample space for all participants!

2. Micro-strategies for the current meta

  • If a card has Endurance, it’s probably playable
  • If a card lowers your opponent’s anger, it’s likely playable
  • If a card lowers your opponent’s anger and has Endurance, it’s secretly OP

While Devastating Blow has begun to see an appropriate amount of use, several other underplayed cards are still waiting in the wings.


This sure seems efficient in the current environment…

3. Awakening Simmers 

With Dragon Ball Z: Awakening’s October 28th release, spoiler season will begin in late September. Leading up to the new Starter Deck previews, you can expect information about:

  • Reprints (and a general policy!)
  • Ultra Rares (what do they do…and how many?!)
  • Dragon Rares (one per box – but what are they?)
  • What’s in the set? (Ally breakdown, legacy Named cards, new Mastery themes, and more!)

For now, it can also be confirmed that Earth Dragon Balls will be included in Awakening.



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