Four for Friday: Awaken!

Dragon Ball Z: Awakening is coming this Fall – find out more below!

1. Awakening



With its October 28th release date, Awakening will be legal for the first time this season at Dragon Prix: New Orleans – leading into the World Championship!


Note: this is placeholder text. Sometimes, placeholder text gives insight into an upcoming character’s Powers and themes…and sometimes it doesn’t! 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information about the Dragon Rares (one per box?!), Ultra Rares, and more!

2. FAQ of the Week (courtesy of the DBZ TCG Wiki

“Does Cooler Level 2 gain anger if a successful attack dealt no damage?”

Yes, 0 damage from an unstopped attack is still considered “taking damage” (see: Zarbon ally).

3. Regional Reminders

The Organized Play schedule rolls on next weekend in Hollywood, FL (8/20) – find more information here. Pre-registration is also available for Kentucky (8/27) and Michigan (9/3).

4. One More Thing

Vegeta is receiving a new Hero MP stack in Awakening.


SOON. . . 


5 thoughts on “Four for Friday: Awaken!

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  2. Happy to see Cell Games will be featured. I was disappointed that Cell’s perfect form wasn’t featured as much in the artwork for perfection.

    Please tell me that you guys will have the MPs and masteries available in pack foil. I really loved that you guys did that with evolution (are these the dragon rares this time?).

    Also, hoping that there aren’t alternate art ultras again.


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