Florida Recap!

The seventh Regional of the season took place last Saturday – see all the details below!

Cool Stuff Games played host to last weekend’s Regional, with 83 attendees making their way to Hollywood, FL! As the first Regional after Gen Con, players attending this tournament faced a key question: run a newly established top deck, or something to counter the field?

While rogue builds like Blue Protective Gohan and Black Devious Raditz made their mark, the finals featured a repeat of Gen Con – with Saiyan Empowered Broly (Christian Santiago) taking down a second consecutive event win over Red Enraged Cooler (James Mayer)! The top 4 lists:

The list of 2016 Qualified Players has been updated – congratulations to Christian Santiago and James Mayer! The Super Elite rankings have also been updated, with Tony Ortiz returning to 1st after another strong Raditz showing.

In other event news, you can find the DBZ TCG this weekend at Lion Con in Minnesota – find more info here.


Next up on the Organized Play schedule: Louisville, Kentucky! Pre-register here.

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