Four for Friday: Awaken Your Vote!

The CRD has received a minor update, and Awakening’s Starter Deck pairings have been revealed – see more below:

1. Kentucky Regional  

Last year’s Louisville, KY Regional had an attendance of 223 players – one of the largest tournaments the game has ever seen! The DBZ TCG returns to Kentucky this Saturday, and this is shaping up to be another massive event. You can pre-register through Comic Book World, but note that the event venue is the Fern Valley Hotel & Conference Center.

Players attending this event should be fully familiar with the CRD and Tournament Guide, both available here. You can also save time by filling out a Deck Registration Form  in advance.

2. Minor CRD Update

The CRD has been updated to version 4.4, denoting P13 Red City Destruction as an Event and unifying the text of P4 Trunks – Bashful. Included below are new clarifications regarding the “use” of cards – including additional information about the interaction of Android 13’s Impenetrable Defense with Blue Battle Drill.

“What happens when I attach Orange Earthquake with Unleashed?”

First, it’s important to keep in mind that “using” a card is the case of actually applying its effects (see: Nappa Ally vs. Tree of Might). When you attach Orange Earthquake with the first line of Unleashed, Orange Earthquake is then attached and its “while attached” clause prevents the remaining effects of Unleashed from being used.

“How is this different from Blue Battle Drill with Android 13’s Impenetrable Defense?”

As noted in a previous blog entry, you are able to play Android 13’s Impenetrable Defense with Blue Battle Drill in play (as well as make a followup attack). However, similar to the above scenario, you would not be able to use any HIT effects of the followup attack due to Blue Battle Drill preventing the “use” of the attack once it gains the appended “end combat” text.

3. Underdogs Unite

In the current competitive landscape, Playful Punch is one of the most useful cards in the game. The Hero energy MP trio of Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Krillin are all able to leverage the strengths of Playful Punch – while each offering their own answers to the metagame.


Earthlings love it!

Yamcha’s inherent defense on Level 1 combines with Yamcha’s Rescue to offer a solid game-plan against early rushdown, and Blue Protective Mastery can add to the safety net. Tien can hope to simply outrace other aggro decks, but his generally low stage costs and rapid level advancement are both attractive when facing physical beatdown. In Orange, Tien can quickly advance levels while pressuring the opponent’s anger total. Finally, Krillin is still able to seal out the late-game with Disk, but must navigate a more interactive and disruptive field. When combined with Black Devious Mastery, S13 Krillin – Enraged allows for extra early game survivability – while still maintaining overall flexibility.

4. Paired with Style

When Awakening launches on October 28th, the 6 pre-constructed Starter Decks will feature the following combinations:

  • Goku MP – Blue Resolute Mastery
  • Vegeta MP – Orange Retribution Mastery
Gohan MP – Saiyan Dynamic Mastery
  • Cell MP – Namekian Radiant Mastery
Trunks MP – Red Ascension Mastery
  • Hercule MP – Black Conflict Mastery

Vegeta has a wide range of interactions with numerous Mastery cards

Which MP and Mastery combination are you looking forward to the most? Sound off in the poll below, and the outcome may influence the order of reveals!

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