Cashing at the Cache – Kansas City Regional Live Updates

Hello DBZ fans! 108 players made it to the Collector’s Cache in the heartland of the USA today to battle it out in the final Regional of the 2016 season – and the last chance to play the Set 1 masteries in organized play before they become frozen with the release of Awakening!


The Mastery breakdown for the day is as follows:

Black Devious – 28
Black Perceptive – 1
Blue Protective – 8
Blue Tag Team – 11
Namekian Knowledge – 6
Namekian Restored – 8
Orange Adaptive – 4
Orange Adept – 😦
Red Enraged – 24
Red Ruthless – 10
Saiyan Empowered – 7
Saiyan Rampaging – 1


Check out the livestream hosted by Manabeast and Dragon Ball Radio on and stay tuned to this blog for updates throughout the day!


UPDATE – After Round 3

At the start of round 4, 13 players have formed the ranks of the undefeated, representing 10 unique deck types across 5 styles (Sorry Orange!). Among these are 3 Namekian Knowledge Piccolo, representing the classic green menace on his last breath of his strong 2 year run.

The following players are 3-0 as of the start of Round 3:
Jonathan Torres – Black Devious Tenshinhan
Joseph Zwack – Red Enraged Master Roshi
Kevin Bock – Blue Tag Team Captain Ginyu
Bobby Brink – Black Devious Android 13
Justin McBride – Black Devious Cooler
Edwin Marino – Saiyan Empowered Broly
Rich “DEADLYCLOAK” Bondi – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Cody Jakobitz – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Trevor Cox – Red Ruthless Broly
Troy Nelson – Black Devious Krillin
Kyle Jones – Black Devious Android 13
Mike Piper – Blue Tag Team Master Roshi
Nick Toth – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo

Stay tuned for further updates!

UPDATE – After Round 5

Our post-round 5 update is a game of “Spotted at the Top Tables”!

Table 4 – Aaron Hendrickson (Namekian Restored Piccolo) vs Geoffrey Gonzales (Blue Protective Yamcha)

Table 7 – Mike Piper (Blue Tag Team Master Roshi) vs Brandon Mains (Red Ruthless Broly)

Table 8 – Kevin Bock (Blue Tag Team Captain Ginyu) vs Matthew Wainwright (Black Devious Broly)

Table 9 – Troy Nelson (Black Devious Krillin) vs Mike Copper (Orange Adaptive Yamcha)

There’s still some great variety in the top cut, the bevy of Android 13, Broly, and Cooler notwithstanding! Stay tuned for our Top Cut update after the final round of swiss that follows!

UPDATE – Top 16

The Top 16 of the final regional of the 2016 OP season is underway and the competition is more Fierce than an Orange Attack! Check out the pairings listed below:

Kyle Jones (Black Devious Android 13) vs Ishmel Tucker (Red Enraged Piccolo)
Troy Nelson (Black Devious Krillin) vs Cody Jakobitz (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
Justin McBride (Black Devious Cooler) vs Joe Picone (Blue Protective Cooler)
Nick Toth (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo) vs Brad Kurtz (Saiyan Empowered Broly)
Cole Sondreal (Saiyan Empowered Broly) vs Geoffrey Wiederstein (Black Devious Android 13)
Joseph Zwack (Red Enraged Master Roshi) vs Kevin Bock (Blue Tag Team Captain Ginyu)
Rich “Deadlycloak” Bondi (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo) vs Mike Piper (Blue Tag Team Master Roshi)
Brandon Mains (Red Ruthless Broly) vs Aaron Hendrickson (Namekian Restored Piccolo)

The numbers by style for this Top Cut are:
Black Devious: 4
Blue Protective: 1
Blue Tag Team: 2
Namekian Knowledge: 3
Namekian Restored: 1
Red Enraged: 2
Red Ruthless: 1
Saiyan Empowered: 2

Stay tuned for further updates as these single elimination rounds progress!

UPDATE – Top 4

The Top 4 is underway with 4 distinct decks:

Troy Nelson (Black Devious Krillin) vs Joe Picone (Blue Protective Cooler)
Kevin Bock (Blue Tag Team Ginyu) vs Brandon Mains (Red Ruthless Broly)

Which of these pilots will steer their decks to victory and earn their invites to compete on the World’s Stage in just three weeks? Stay tuned to find out!

UPDATE – Finals

The finals finale of the final 2016 Regional is underway! Brandon Mains squares off against Troy Nelson in a best-of-three showdown between the recently popular Red Ruthless Broly and the seemingly evergreen Black Devious Krillin. Both of these skilled players have earned the right to fight for the title of World Champion in November, but these games will determine who takes the lion’s share of the cash prize pool tonight!


UPDATE – A champion is crowned!

Brandon Mains conquered Troy Nelson 2-1 in a super entertaining set of games, leading Ruthless Broly to the title! Congrats to both of the new worlds invitees!


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