2016 Virginia Regional – Live Updates

The next Vengeance Regional at The End Games in Virginia has begun! 115 players have turned up for a shot for promos, prizes, and Worlds invites! How will the metagame evolve and will previously successful decks dominate or will fresh selections break through? Stay tuned for updates throughout the day!



Today’s Mastery Breakdown:

Black Devious – 31

Black Perceptive – 3

Blue Protective – 4

Blue Tag Team – 10

Namekian Knowledge – 9

Namekian Restored – 1

Orange Adaptive – 8

Orange Adept – 0

Red Enraged – 18

Red Ruthless – 16

Saiyan Empowered – 14

Saiyan Rampaging – 1


Round 5 Update:

7 players are undefeated with 3 rounds of Swiss remaining!

Lloyd Bush – Black Devious Cooler
Andre Rawlison – Black Devious Cooler
Chris Minor – Black Devious 13

Chad Scott – Red Enraged 13
Thomas Engel – Red Ruthless Broly

Kyle Miller – Orange Adaptive Yamcha

Keith Hessenauer – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo

The environment continues to be filled with Broly decks (the most popular deck is split evenly between Ruthless Broly and Empowered Broly at 13 each). 13, Cooler, and Yamcha continue to be popular choices. Check out a full breakdown of MPs and Masteries here (select the 7/16 Charlottesville tab). Who will fight it out and make it into Top Cut? Stay tuned to find out!

After 7 rounds of Swiss, the top 16 players are:

Lloyd Bush – Black Devious Cooler
Thomas Engel – Red Ruthless Broly
John Ashe – Red Ruthless Broly
Kelly Dennis – Black Devious Roshi
Chad Scott – Red Enraged 13
Pat Eshghy – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Tim Sweeney – Black Devious Broly
Elmer Walter – Red Ruthless Broly
Ria Leili – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Brandon Lex – Black Devious 13
Chris Minor – Black Devious 13
Kyle Miller – Orange Adaptive Yamcha
Ryan Lewis – Orange Adaptive Yamcha
Victor Studioso – Saiyan Empowered Broly
Joshua (R) Thomas – Blue Tag Team 13
Josh (D) Thomas – Red Enraged 13

After 2 rounds of Top Cut, our semifinal pairings are

John Ashe (Red Ruthless Broly) vs. Pat Eshghy (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)

Tim Sweeney (Black Devious Broly) vs. Chad Scott (Red Enraged 13)

Our Finalists for Virginia are Tim Sweeney and Pat Eshghy. Congratulations to both of them for winning invitations to Worlds! Stay tuned to see who will win it all in VA!

Final Update: Tim Sweeney wins the Virginia Regional with Black Broly!

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