Four for Friday – The Sleeper Awakes

Virginia reminders, metagame musings, and a Comic-Con sneak peek: see it all below!

1. Virginia Regionals

The next event on the Oragnized Play schedule takes place tomorrow at The End Games in Charlottesville, VA! Pre-registration is available here.

Participants should be fully familiar with the Tournament Guide and CRD. As always, you can save time by filling out your Deck Registration Form in advance.

2. Fog of War

Vengeance splashed onto the scene with two Regionals on the same day, and all of the new MPs made an impact in some form. While the metagame will continue to evolve, last weekend’s results served to establish some of the new “decks to beat”:

  • Android 13: Devious, Enraged, Tag Team
  • Broly: Ruthless, Empowered
  • Cooler: Devious, Enraged
  • Gohan – to the Rescue: Tag Team

When preparing for this weekend, players would be wise to plan for an environment filled with stage-pressure decks! Saiyan’s uptick should continue,  as its inherent stage gain/leveling can combine with a wide array of Ally tech to create an edge against the current field. Yamcha, Android 18, and any generally defensive (or Ally oriented) build all benefit greatly from the current presence of Broly and 13.

Aside from the newcomers, old favorites like Namekian Piccolo, Red Roshi, Orange 20, and many others remain equally viable – or have even improved! There’s also more to see within Vengeance itself, as powerful cards like Unleashed and Trunks Level 1 continue to fold themselves into the environment.

3. San Diego Comic-Con International

Comic-Con is next weekend, and Panini America will be there in full force! Check back next week for details about our exclusive swag – including two play mats (standard and alt. color limited/Con exclusive) and a new promo card!

4. The God of Destruction





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      • Yup if true im sad to say vegeta still unusable till next starter stack. Panini please for the love of kai give us a level 1 ssj god vegeta for the con promo this year.


      • Since we’re likely getting anew Vegeta in the next set which is rumored to have new starters…. i guess they didn’t want to worry about having to balance out a new mp card against the upcoming meta and mp levels..


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