Virginia Recap

See the latest Regional results below:

The final Regional before Gen Con unfolded last weekend at The End Games in Charlottesville, VA – and 115 players were in attendance! In the wake of Vengeance’s release, the metagame continues to coalesce around the offensive presence of Broly and Android 13. The Top 16 at Virginia reflected this, with Android 13 taking five spots and Broly nabbing four. In the end, it was fitting that Broly would not be denied a first Regional win – as Tim Sweeney (Black Devious Broly) took down Pat Eshghy (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo) in the championship round! The top 4 decks:

Congratulations to Tim Sweeney and Pat Eshghy, both of whom have been added to the 2016 Qualified Players list. The Super Elite rankings have also been updated, with Elmer Walter moving into a tie with Tim Batow.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a full breakdown of the DBZ TCG’s offerings at the San Diego Comic Con – including images of Beerus and the new mats!

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