2016 Selden Regional – Live Updates

One of the first Vengeance Regionals has begun – 134 players have come out to Brothers Grim Games in Selden, NY to battle in a fresh metagame! Saiyan Broly has broken into the meta in force and there are plenty of Cooler and Android 13 builds in various styles. Will a new MP come out on top or will a familiar face be victorious? Unfortunately we do not have a stream set up for viewing matches throughout the day, but stay tuned for live updates!


Today’s Style Breakdown:

Black – 35
Blue – 22
Namekian – 14
Orange – 13
Red – 19
Saiyan – 31

Round 3 Update:

32 players are now 2-0 after 2 rounds of battle! For a detailed Mastery/MP breakdown, click here.

24 players are using Saiyan Empowered Broly, and for the first time ever, Saiyan Empowered Mastery outnumbers Black Devious! Over half of the field is comprised of new Villain MPs from Vengeance. Over 75% of Blue players have opted to use the Tag Team Mastery. Vengeance has seemed to shake things up quite a bit!

Round 5 Update:

8 players stand at 4-0 halfway through the rounds of Swiss:

Kurt Spiess – Black Devious 13
Thomas Corcoran – Black Devious 13
Parker Ventra – Black Devious Cooler
Frankie Lake – Blue Tag Team 13
Rick Alarimo – Orange Adaptive 20
Michael Calabrese – Red Enraged 13
Nick Nanavati – Red Enraged Roshi
Anthony Valsamis – Saiyan Empowered Cell

Perceptive Wheelo, Adaptive Yamcha, and Devious Raditz can also be found near the top tables. Who will make it into top cut? Stay tuned to find out!

After 8 Grueling Rounds of Swiss, 16 players remain!

Rick Alarimo – Orange Adaptive 20

Matthew Coombs – Blue Tag Team 13

Thomas Corcoran – Black Devious 13

Scott Holbrook – Blue Tag Team 13

Jermol Jupiter – Black Devious 13

Patrick Keeney – Orange Adaptive 20

Trevor Kruse – Red Ruthless Broly

Ria Leili – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo

Kuan Li – Saiyan Empowered Broly

Jordan Markle – Black Devious Krillin

Michael McCutcheon – Orange Adaptive Yamcha

Nick Nanavati – Red Enraged Roshi

Tony Ortiz – Black Devious Raditz

Chris Sopko – Saiyan Empowered Broly

Kurt Spiess – Black Devious 13

Peter Squindo – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo

Top 4 Update!

After two elimination rounds, our top 4 matchups are:

Jermol Jupiter (Black Devious 13) vs. Chris Sopko (Saiyan Empowered Broly)

Kurt Spiess (Black Devious 13) vs. Tony Ortiz (Black Devious Raditz)

Our worlds invitees from NY are Jermol Jupiter and Kurt Spiess! Stay tuned for the results of their match!

Finals update: Kurt emerges victorious after our finalists agreed to a best-of-one match!