Four for Friday: Once More unto the Breach

The first Vengeance Regionals take place this weekend – please review the final reminders below!

1. Regionals x2

Two Regionals will take place tomorrow in New York and Texas, and you can still pre-register for both events:

Participants should be fully familiar with the Tournament Guide and CRD, and you can save time by filling out the Deck Registration Form in advance. For a list of recent Vengeance clarifications, refer to the DBZ TCG Wiki.

2. Tournament Kit Rotation

Upcoming Tournament Kits will contain 2 copies of P10 Red Energy Blast (top performer) and 20 copies of P7 Black Scout Maneuver (participation).

3. Bold New Meta

Red/Black Roshi, Yamcha, and Saiyan/Namekian Cell barged onto the scene with Perfection’s release, joining the likes of Black Krillin, Orange Android 20, and Namekian Piccolo at the top tables. Perfection also allowed for previously rogue builds like Ruthless Turles or Black Tenshinhan to carve out a piece of the meta, and even the underrepresented Blue Tag Team Mastery has made Top Cut appearances!

The field will face another drastic shift this weekend with Vengeance’s opening volley, and the number of powerhouse decks in the format can only increase with the injection of Broly, Android 13, and Cooler. On top of that, Vengeance brings new Hero MP Levels, novel interactions for legacy MPs, Unleashed, and augmentation of Android strategies – all of which serve to empower even more archetypes!

Winning a Regional this weekend will require an extra dose of prediction – but that may prove difficult with so many potential threats. A good problem to have. . .

4. Your thoughts?

Dozens of Super Elite points, 32 Top Cut slots, and two Regional Champions – Saturday will be one of the biggest days in DBZ TCG history! Which new MP do you expect to make the largest impact this weekend?

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