2016 Texas Regional at Dragon’s Lair – Updating Live (Final)

Welcome to live coverage of the Texas Regional from Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy with 150 players battling it out for World Championship invites, tournament promos, sealed product, prize money and more! Stay tuned to see if Red can take another Regional and to see how the new Vengeance MPs perform.

There are numerous ways you can keep up on the action from the comfort of your own home:

Dragon Ball Radio Stream by Dragon Ball Radio on Twitch.tv

Round Pairings

Mastery Breakdown:

Black Devious – 30

Black Perceptive – 3

Blue Protective – 13

Blue Tag Team – 12

Namekian Knowledge – 8

Namekian Restored – 7

Orange Adaptive – 7

Orange Adept – 1

Red Enraged – 20

Red Ruthless – 19

Saiyan Empowered – 29

Saiyan Rampaging – 1

Four rounds down here in Austin and the following decks remain undefeated:

Red Ruthless Broly

Red Ruthless Android 13

Red Enraged Android 13 x2

Red Enraged Piccolo

Red Enraged Cooler

Blue Protective Cooler

Blue Tag Team Gohan x2

Black Devious Android 13

Red and Blue have done well so far but stay tuned for more updates as we have four more rounds of Swiss to go!

After 8 grueling rounds of Swiss, here are the top 16 matchups:

Warren, Dillon (Red Ruthless Broly) vs. McGeehan, Solomon (Blue Protective Cooler)
Dodson, Andrew (Red Ruthless Turles) vs. Lankford, Jesse (Black Devious Android 13)
Rodriguez, Mario (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo) vs. Moghanloo, William (Red Ruthless Android 13)
Batow, Timothy (Blue Tag Team Gohan) vs. Pena, Armando (Black Perceptive Android 13)
Milner, John (Red Enraged Android 13) vs. Goodwin, Ryan (Black Devious Cooler)
Ashire, Morgan (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo) vs. Wainwright, Matthew (Black Devious Android 13)
Walter, Elmer (Red Ruthless Broly) vs. Barnard, Ned (Black Devious Android 13)
Toureilles, Daniel (Namekian Restored Piccolo) vs. Gonzales, Geoffrey (Red Ruthless Broly)

Top 8 pairings feature numerous Vengeance personalities; will one take home the title?  Stay tuned to find out!

Warren, Dillon (Red Ruthless Broly) vs Lankford, Jesse (Black Devious Android 13)

Moghanloo, William (Red Ruthless Android 13) vs Batow, Timothy (Blue Tag Team Gohan)

Goodwin, Ryan (Black Devious Cooler) vs Ashire, Morgan (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)

Walter, Elmer (Red Ruthless Broly) vs Gonzales, Geoffrey (Red Ruthless Broly)

Top 4 update – Broly and Cooler hold it down for Vengeance; will the surprising Gohan be able to defeat the new villains?  Find out after the next update!

Warren, Dillon (Red Ruthless Broly) vs Batow, Timothy (Blue Tag Team Gohan)

Goodwin, Ryan (Black Devious Cooler) vs Walter, Elmer (Red Ruthless Broly)

Red Broly loses both matches in Top 4 and now Tim and Ryan see who takes the Texas Regional Title.

Goodwin, Ryan (Black Devious Cooler) vs Batow, Timothy (Blue Tag Team Gohan)

**Both players have agreed to play a one-game final.

Congratulations to Tim Batow who wins the Texas Regional with Blue Tag Team Gohan!

Also, congratulations to Ryan Goodwin and Dillon Warren who both qualify for the World Championship.

Thanks to Dragon’s Lair for being a great host and to everyone following along at home throughout the day.  We’ll be back soon with more 2016 Regional coverage and good night from Austin!

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  2. i got to meet mr batow. gave me great advice on how to build a deck and showed me some cards i should take out of the deck i was running. he signed two of my instant transmission cards. so impressed by his gohan deck, as i was running a blue tag team goku deck. he ran control allies like yajirobi, and oolong, while surprisingly refusing to run time is a warrior’s tool in his deck. it was very impressive. thats why hes the champ.


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