ND Regional Recap & Vengeance Previews!

The first Regional of the season is in the books, and you can see a full breakdown below!

91 players were present at the Fargo Regional, which was held at Paradox Comics-n-Cards. In addition to being the first event of the season, the tournament environment featured an uncertain metagame in the wake of the latest CRD updates and continued implementation of Perfection.

In a field comprised of ~25% Namekian, ~25% Black, and ~20% Blue, it was Orange with the highest representation in Top Cut – and Red taking it all! Only three players represented Saiyan, though an Empowered Cell build still powered its way to a Top 8 performance.

 The finals featured a Roshi mirror, with Mitchell Janowiec’s Red Enraged build winning 2-0 over Sundeep Kutumbaka’s Black Devious approach. The top 4 deck lists:

• 1. Mitchell Janowiec* – Red Enraged Roshi
• 2. Sundeep Kutumbaka* – Black Devious Roshi
• 3. Tony Ortiz – Black Devious Ginyu
• 4. Michael McCutcheon – Orange Adaptive Krillin

Congratulations to Mitchell and Sundeep for earning the first Worlds invitations of the season, bringing the total for 2016 to four! This event also marks the first round of Super Elite points, updated here.

The Super Elite rankings are sure to solidify after this weekend, with the next Regional taking place in Chicago! You can find more details here.  What will prevail in an environment that is sure to feature plenty of Red Roshi and Orange 20?

And now for something completely different.

Villainous Power Ball is a strong option for midrange Villain decks. While unreliable as a defensive “out,” it allows for safe offensive when used as a combat lead.

Similar to Piccolo’s Weighted Clothing, any Android MP with this card will be able to threaten bursts of anger from the discard pile. The attack itself has a serviceable baseline of AT+3/+1 anger, and gains 2 anger with Android 13 Level 1. Regardless of your MP, Android Insubordination is a prime target for the effects of #14 and #15.

Cooler – Angered 

Cooler adds to the handful of effects that block “advance” auto-levelers, including Unleashed. Cooler’s ability to enter play from your hand has the potential for shenanigans, especially in Blue.

Point-Blank Volley is a small and relatively costly energy attack, but often pops to your hand when banished for Endurance. Its immediate effect has the most upside in a tempo-oriented build. When played against an opponent at 0 anger: net +2 anger, when played against an opponent at 1 anger: net +/- 2 anger, when played against an opponent at 2+ anger: net -1 anger.

Dragon Ball Z: Vengeance releases on July 1st, and you can see the final MP reveal of Cooler on Friday. Until then, check the following fansites and podcasts for more spoilers:

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