Chicago Regional Live Updates


Keeping it classy in Chicago – players will enter soon. Check back throughout the day for live updates, and over 200 players have already registered!

We’re live! Round 1 is underway, with 208 entrants and the following Style breakdown:

Orange – 36

Black – 56

Red – 42

Blue – 22

Namekian – 24

Saiyan – 28

Update – Round 4 is underway, with several Saiyan Cell decks at the top tables:

UPDATE – Round 6 is underway, and the narrative of the tournament continues to be the breakout of Saiyan Cell. With only three rounds remaining, over 10 Saiyan Cell decks are in contention to make Top Cut – will Saiyan win its first Regional when all is said and done?!

  • UPDATE – After eight ferocious rounds, the Top 16 is set:
  • Eric Melone – Red Enraged Roshi
  • Joey Mispagel – Red Enraged Roshi
  • Lee Sheehan – Red Enraged Piccolo
  • Vincent DeLucca – Red Ruthless Turles
  • Dustin Morabito – Red Ruthless Cell
  • Michael Showalter -Namekian Restored Piccolo
  • Frisco Fahs – Namekian Restored Cell
  • Barry Everson – Black Perceptive 20
  • Anthony Eason – Black Devious 20
  • Ryan Lambdin – Black Devious Roshi
  • Brandon Maupin – Black Devious Roshi
  • Tony Ortiz – Black Devious Ginyu
  • Joey Walter – Black Devious Krillin
  • Phillip McGrath – Saiyan Empowered Cell
  • Justin McBride – Saiyan Empowered Cell
  • Brandon Mains – Orange Adaptive 20

UPDATE: Top 8 is underway!

  • Eric Melone (Red Enraged Roshi) vs. Anthony Eason (Black Devious 20)
  • Phillip McGrath (Saiyan Empowered Cell) vs. Vincent DeLucca (Red Ruthless Turles)
  • Joey Walter (Black Devious Krillin) vs. Ryan Lambdin (Black Devious Roshi)
  • Dustin Morabito (Red Ruthless Cell) vs. Lee Sheehan (Red Enraged Piccolo)

Update 8:21 PM – Top 4 is about to begin!

  • Eric Melone (Red Enraged Roshi) vs. Vincent DeLucca (Red Ruthless Turles)
  • Ryan Lambdin (Black Devious Roshi) vs. Lee Sheehan (Red Enraged Piccolo)

UPDATE: The finals will feature Eric Melone and his Red Enraged Roshi DBV against Lee Sheehan with Red Enraged Piccolo MPPV. Regardless of the outcome, Red is 2 for 2 in Regional wins this Season!

Final Update: Red Roshi DBV takes the win, congrats to Eric Melone!

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