Oregon Overview

Check out the results from the latest Regional below:

The third Regional of the season took place last weekend at Wild Things Games in Salem, OR – with 94 players in attendance! The field maintained the high level of diversity seen in the Perfection metagame, with the Top Cut including two Tenshinhan and two Tag Team decks. Red Roshi, the winner of two previous events, was conspicuously absent in the final pre-Vengeance Regional.

For the second year in a row, a Tenshinhan player earned a Worlds invite in Oregon! However, the run came to an end in the finals as Black Devious Tenshinhan (Mason Knox) was defeated by Namekian Knowledge Piccolo (Joseph Insinna). The top 4 decks:

Mason and Joseph have both qualified for Worlds – earning Joseph a second consecutive invite! The Super Elite rankings have also been updated, with Joseph moving into a tie with the other early Regional winners. Joey Walter’s consistent performance also has him tied for first – but there’s sure to be a huge shakeup after this weekend’s events.

Two Regionals are taking place on July 9th – and Vengeance is completely eligible. You can register for Selden, NY here and Austin, TX here.

The metagame currently features a high amount of viable decks – and Vengeance piles it on! These two Regionals in an exciting new environment are sure to send shockwaves throughout the rest of the season – which decks will make an early mark?

Until then, check back later in the week for Vengeance rulings clarifications!


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