2016 Salem Regional – Live Updates

The last regional before Vengeance becomes legal is upon us – 94 players have made the trek to Wild Things Games in Salem, OR to battle for the title! Will Master Roshi earn his threepeat title, or will another rise above and claim the throne? Stay tuned for live updates all day to find out!


Here’s the style breakdown for today’s event:
Black: 26
Orange: 16
Blue: 12
Red: 11
Saiyan: 10
Namekian: 19

Tune in to the Wild Things Games stream all day to watch the matches. More updates to come as the rounds move on!

Post Round 3 Update:

Eleven players are left undefeated after the first three rounds:

Daniel Sanchez – Black Perceptive Yamcha
Matthew Wichman – Blue Tag Team Ginyu
Joseph Insinna – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Grant Abbott – Black Devious Yamcha
Joey Walter – Black Devious Krillin
Justin McBride – Saiyan Empowered Cell
Mason Knox – Black Devious Tien
Ria Leilli – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Nicholas Solis – Black Devious Android 20
Rich “Deadlycloak” Bondi – Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Adrian Bowden – Black Devious Krillin


These excellent players have started strong, but inevitably some will fall – who will make it to the top cut? More updates to come!

With the conclusion of Round 5, only these players remain undefeated:

Joey Walter – Black Devious Krillin
Nicholas Solis – Black Devious Android 20
Matthew Wichman – Blue Tag Team Ginyu

But behind them trail a motley crew of interesting decks, including:

Mason Knox – Black Devious Tien
Ashir Amer – Blue Protective Wheelo
Brad Lengyel – Orange Adaptive Yamcha
Cameron Hillius – Blue Tag Team Goku

Along with a bevy of Ginyus, Piccolos, Cells, and Android 20s!

Interestingly, there are no Roshis to be found in the top tables right now – we will see what makes it into the cut after the final rounds of swiss!


The dust has settled and the melee has ceased – the last Top 16 of the Perfection metagame is as follows:

Matthew Wichman (Blue Tag Team Ginyu) vs Jeremy Crawford (Saiyan Empowered Cell)
Nicolas Solis (Black Devious Android 20) vs Rich “Deadlycloak” Bondi (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
Cameron Hillius (Blue Tag Team Goku) vs Anthany Williams (NamekianKnowledge Piccolo)
Mason Knox (Black Devious Tenshinhan) vs Adrian Bowden (Black Devious Krillin)
Joey Walter (Black Devious Krillin) vs Damien Moore (Saiyan Empowered Cell)
Grant Abbott (Black Devious Yamcha) vs Ria Leili (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
Joseph Insinna (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo) vs Matt Humphreys (Black Devious Tenshinhan)
Will Houser (Black Devious Krillin) vs Derek Buhr (Black Perceptive Piccolo)

Featuring a Tag Team Goku deck, multiple Tien decks, and multiple Saiyan Cells (the new hotness!), and ZERO Red or Master Roshi, this Top 16 is a very interesting end to an all-too-short metagame!


Jeremy Crawford (Saiyan Empowered Cell) vs Richard Bondi (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
Camron Hillius (Blue Tag Team Goku) vs Mason Knox (Black Devious Tien)
Joey Walter (Black Devious Krillin) vs Ria Leili (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
Joseph Insinna (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo) vs William Houser (Black Devious Krillin)



Four different decks are vying for the worlds invites – this is the round to make it into history!

Joey Walter (Black Devious Krillin) vs Joseph Insinna (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
Jeremy Crawford (Saiyan Empowered Cell) vs Mason Knox (Black Devious Tien)



Salem is truly the home of Tien, as two years in a row, savvy players have managed to pilot a Tenshinhan deck to qualify for Worlds! Mason Knox has his work cut out for him – Joseph Insinna of Anchorage, AK took out well known ringer Joey Walter to score his second invite – making him one of the most consistent players, having qualified for Worlds at 100% of the Regionals he has attended (one last year, and one this year!).


Our two Worlds invitees shook hands before beginning their Best of Three brawl! Will Tien show the fruits of his training, or will Piccolo’s Namekian Knowledge give him an insurmountable advantage? Stay tuned to find out!


In a 2 game sweep, Joseph Insinna’s Piccolo leaped his way to victory over Mason Knox’s battle worn Tien. Claiming the title and a trophy, Insinna cemented Piccolo’s place as a powerful force in the Set 5 metagame, and showed his prowess with the deck through 12 games throughout the day.


Stay tuned for the recap, including top cut decklists, early next week, and get ready as Vengeance hits the Organized Play scene – the dual regional weekend (in Selden, NY and Austin, TX) coming up next is sure to bring a host of surprises!

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  1. I had a lot of fun being there! The weather was unbearable at sometimes but an awesome environment! Thanks for hosting!


  2. To go 7-1 and get knocked out is insulting. They need to fix the Bo1 format. No one should be punished for loosing one game after winning 7 in a row. Too much luck is involved in single elimination top 16.


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