Dragon Ball Z: Vengeance – Launch Day!

Vengeance’s launch, Regional reminders, and more – click below for the latest!

Dragon Ball Z: Vengeance is available now, and you can see the full checklist here!

Launch events are taking place across the nation – check with your local store for details.


One of many exclusive prizes available in Launch Kits!

You can also celebrate the launch of Vengeance by participating in Beckett’s box giveaway, as well as their free tournament in Texas!

In other tournament news, the next Regional takes place tomorrow at Wild Things Games in Salem, Oregon (pre-register here). Participants should be fully familiar with the Tournament Guide and CRD, and you can save time by filling out your Deck Registration Form in advance. This weekend marks the final Perfection-era event, as Vengeance becomes legal on 7/8!

The Organized Play season rolls on in July, with several upcoming events:

  • Selden, NY Regional (7/9): Pre-register here
  • Austin, TX Regional (7/9): Pre-register here
  • Charlottesville, VA Regional (7/16): Pre-register here
  • ARG Circuit Championship (7/29): Info here

For the first time, two Regionals will take place on the same day – with a brand new metagame to boot! Finally, don’t forget to register for the Gen Con Qualifier – only 100 spots remain.

It’s been a long wait, but Vengeance is finally upon us! Check back next week for a full breakdown of Oregon, as well as a look at new tournament it promos. Until then, have a safe and DBZ-filled holiday weekend!


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