Vengeance Debut Regionals: Double Saturday!

Last weekend, Vengeance tore into the competitive scene – see a full Organized Play recap below!

For the first time ever, two DBZ Regionals took place on the same day – and they were ushered in by Vengeance MPs! Both fields featured a healthy amount of Style diversity, including high representation for Saiyan (NY) and Red (TX). In our east coast event, 134 players attended the tournament at The Brothers Grim Games in Selden, NY. Of the new Vengeance MPs, Android 13 made the strongest showing – taking five of the Top 16 slots! While several builds of 13 proved to be strong, the day belonged to Black Devious 13 and the identical lists piloted by finalist Jermol Jupiter and champion Kurt Spiess. The top 4 deck lists:

Meanwhile, 1800 miles to the west, 150 players entered the fray at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy in Austin, TX. Vengeance’s presence was felt in full force, including the emergence of Red 13 and Ruthless Broly! This event raged late into the night – not even a power outage could deter our relentless players! Similar to NY, Broly’s run came to an end in T4 – setting up a finals showdown between the World Champion Tim Batow against Ryan Goodwin. In the end, Tim gave both Gohan and Blue Tag Team Mastery their first Regional wins – earning himself 4 Super Elite points in the process! The top 4 deck lists:

It’s safe to say that Vengeance has truly shifted the competitive environment. Of the eight possible T4 finishes available since Vengeance’s legality, Vengeance MPs have claimed seven. The metagame has more aggressive physical presence than ever before – adapt or die!

The Super Elite rankings have been updated, with Tony Ortiz moving into a commanding first place lead. It is worth noting that the two top ranked players have reached their position by utilizing Bonus MP points.

Congratulations to 2015 repeat invitees Tim Batow and Kurt Spiess, as well as the newly qualified Jermol Juptier, Ryan Goodwin, and Dillon Warren (grandfathered). Finally, thanks to everyone for attending, judging, or spectacting online – this day wouldn’t have been possible without you!

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