Tuesday Tidbits: Gen Con Week!

Click below for final Gen Con reminders, and your last chance to pre-register!

1. Gen Con

We’ll kick off our event offerings on Thursday, with several Sealed events running throughout the day. On Friday, the fan hosted “Fusion Format” takes place – find more details here. Saturday will feature the Worlds Qualifier, with remaining spots to pre-register here! The Top 16 will take place on Sunday, with the champion earning a right to create a dream card! Note: Based on current pre-registration numbers and the event cap, this event will run 8 rounds and cut to Top 16.

2. Worlds Invitees via ARG

Congratulations to the Top 4 from ARG’s Circuit Championship, all of whom have earned invites to the 2016 DBZ TCG World Championship:

  • Sundeep Kutumbaka (1st place, Black Devious Roshi)
  • Nick Brown (Black Devious Roshi)
  • John Eldis (Orange Adaptive Yamcha)
  • Joey Walter (Black Devious Krillin)

You can see all of the T16 lists from this event here.
 Note: As Sundeep Kutumbaka is already qualified, Andre Nix receives a grandfathered invitation.

The Qualified Player list grows, and Gen Con will add four names after this weekend!

3. More to come

Be sure to check back throughout the week for coverage from the Gen Con floor, including live updates for Saturday’s event!


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