Four for Friday: Vengeance OP

Thank Goku it’s Friday! Click below for the latest DBZ TCG happenings:

1. Upcoming OP

The Gen Con Qualifier is next weekend, and spots are filling up fast! Gen Con will feature extra Super Elite points, exclusive promos, Worlds invites, and the chance to create a card. Pre-registration is still available here.

The next wave of Regionals after Gen Con:

The ARG DBZ Circuit Championship is also taking place this weekend in Philadelphia, with 2016 World Championship invites on the line!

2. Visual depiction of Regional T16s post-Vengeance:Meta

3. Spotlight on: Villainous Power Ball

While Villainous Power Ball was already a strong option for several midrange builds, it gains even more value in an environment filled with Android 13 and Broly. To this point, it has remained curiously absent from Top Cut decks – will it cut the mustard moving forward?

4. Question of the Week

Aside from Villainous Power Ball, what card do you think is the most underrated/underplayed in the current environment? 

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