Tuesday Tidbits: Beerus Winners!

Beerus winners, Beerus clarifications, and Gen Con Super Elite points – find out more below!

1. Beerus Winners

Last week’s post gave everyone a chance to take home a slice of Comic-Con by posting your favorite dessert in the comments section.

  • Jeremiah Colson
  • Justin Church
  • Richard Davis
  • Zach Naggatz
  • Thomas Quintana

We’ll be contacting the winners through their WordPress account e-mail info. Thanks to everyone for participating!

2. Beerus FAQ

“Does Master Roshi -Restrained interact with Beerus?”

No. Master Roshi’s Constant Power is checking specifically for effects that banish cards from the “discard pile” – such as Devastating Blow, Pulverize, and Surprise Attack. While the effect of Beerus will sometimes* banish cards that are in your opponent’s discard pile, Roshi’s Power requires the “discard pile” terminology.

Similarly, the effects of cards like “Red Motivational Kick” would not take place when banished by Beerus.

*note: The effect of Beerus can banish cards from zones other than the discard pile (see: Black Command, Saiyan Obstruction, and Black Declaration).

3. Super Elite Points at Gen Con

Only two weeks remain until Gen Con, and space is limited! Be sure to secure your spot in the Qualifier by pre-registering here. As an additional bonus, this event will award Super Elite points with the following schedule:

  • 1st place: 4 points
  • 2nd place: 3 points
  • 3rd-8th: 2 points
  • Top Cut: 1 point


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