Four for Friday – Win a Beerus!

Gen Con reminders, photos from San Diego, and a chance to win Beerus – find out more below!

1. Gen Con

The next event on the Organized Play schedule takes place in Indiana on August 6th at Gen Con! Space is limited, but there is still time to pre-register here. Gen Con will surely set the second wave of Vengeance’s metagame in motion, and the champion will earn the right to create a card for future release – joining the likes of World Champion Tim Batow and 2015 Gen Con Champion Phil McGrath!

This event will also award Super Elite points – stay tuned for more details.

2. Card on the rise: Hidden Power Drill

Already a secret MVP in rogue Devious 20 builds, Hidden Power Drill has some enticing new avenues for abuse. In a Saiyan deck running Unleashed, you can quickly reach Goku- Super Saiyan (Level 4) and repeatedly slam Hidden Power Drill onto the board. Trunks – Protective is another toy from Vengeance that enhances HPD, and the splash damage against Allies (Gohan, Android 13) is noteworthy.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Hidden Power Drill is primarily utilized by aggressive stage beatdown decks, but it has applications in nearly every archetype. Stage management has always been a vital skill in top level play, and the current metagame places even more of an emphasis on power stages. Hidden Power Drill warps the value of stages in a way that your opponent may not be prepared for, while also packing the potential to cause stage loss for your opponent or stage gain for yourself.

3. Scenes from Comic Con



4. BYOBeerus

If you are unable to make it out to San Diego this weekend, fret not – we’re giving out five copies right here on the blog! Reply in the comments section with your favorite dessert (one dessert  entry per person), and your name will be entered to win a Beerus promo card from Comic Con. Please make sure your WordPress account has an accurate e-mail address for contact purposes.

The winners will be announced next week – good luck!


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  1. Has to be a good Ice Cream Float; breaking up a cola or root beer (or Dr Pepper – the illegal medical practitioner of the soft drink world) with the creaminess of a solid vanilla, butter pecan or more adventurous flavor is amazing, and provides both a food and a drink for said food.


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