Kentucky Recap and Awakening Preview Schedule

See the full Kentucky breakdown below, along with Awakening spoiler info!

The Louisville, KY Regional took place last Saturday, with 180 players vying for a Worlds invite! From printer malfunctions to uncomfortable heat, the event suffered from less than ideal conditions. However, the perseverance of the judge staff and player-base shone through – the tournament must go on! One of the primary goals of every Organized Play event is to ensure that each participant has a positive experience, and every effort will be made to avoid similar conditions in the future.

The field continued to display the high level of diversity seen in the ongoing Vengeance metagame, with a slant towards Red at the top. Though Saiyan Empowered Broly had won two straight events, only one appeared in the KY Top Cut. The elimination rounds featured the likes of Blue Tag Team Goku and Namekian Restored Gohan, but the finals came up Red.

K Reg 2016 Pic

Red Enraged Cooler made a statement at Gen Con, followed by a second place finish at the Florida Regional. In the finals of Kentucky, Alec Ruden (Red Enraged Cooler) broke through with Cooler’s first Regional win of the season by taking down Perfection stalwart Red Enraged Roshi (Joey Mispagel). Congratulations to both Alec and Joey – the latest players to qualify for Worlds! The Top 4 deck lists are included below, featuring a repeat T4 performance from Black Devious Cooler:

The Super Elite rankings have been updated, with some new faces in the 3 point category.

The early Vengeance environment saw Android 13 as an apex predator, followed by Broly staking a claim with multiple tournament victories. With the rise of Cooler, where will the metagame shift next? Make your mark at the next Regional in Warren, Michigan (pre-registration available here)!

Next week, Awakening previews will begin on the blog – kicking off with Goku (Blue Resolute Mastery), Vegeta (Orange Retribution Mastery), and an Ultra Rare energy attack that you won’t want to miss! From there, you can expect frequent spoilers leading up to the October 28th launch, including:

  • More Ultra Rare cards
  • The remaining Starter MPs (Hercule and Black Conflict Mastery, Trunks and Red Ascension Mastery, Cell and Namekian Radiant Mastery, Gohan and Saiyan Dynamic Mastery)
  • Earth Dragon Ball set
  • Booster MPs (Cell Jr. and Mercenary Tao)
  • And more!

In addition to previews on the blog, you’ll also be able to find spoilers on multiple fansites and podcasts. Until then!


See you Tuesday. 





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  2. So…Cell Jr. as an mp. Hm. That uh, yeah…to be honest that seems very strange to me.

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