Four for Friday: Holiday Weekend!

Check below for OP reminders and more Awakening info:

1. Michigan Regional 

The next Regional takes place on Saturday at Eternal Games in Warren, MI (pre-register here). The Michigan scene is home to some of the game’s most competitive players, and it will be interesting to see new twists added to the ongoing Vengeance environment.

Participants should be fully familiar with both the Tournament Guide and CRD – available here. You can also save time by filling out a Deck Registration Form in advance.

Upcoming Regionals:


9/10 San Gabriel, CA – Info
  • 9/17 Manchester, NH – Info
  • 9/24 Pueblo, CO – Info

2. Seven Days Remain

When Awakening previews begin next Friday, we’re starting things off with a bang! For the first time, spoilers will open with the unveiling of two MPs – both Goku and Vegeta! That also means the reveal of two new Mastery cards, plus a bonus preview of the Ultra Rare card Assisted Kamehameha! After that, you can find new MP stacks every Friday leading up to the October 28th release – along with previews sprinkled in Tuesday updates and a bundle of spoilers disseminated through various podcasts and fansites.


“Bring on the previews!” 

3. Card of the moment: Blue Decapitation 

Blue Decapitation saw immediate play after its release, appearing in a first place deck list at the first Vengeance-era Regional. On a base level, it has obvious applications in nearly every Blue deck with targets like Blue Betrayal and Blue Head Knock. When combined with Blue Overpowering Drill, other offensive targets like Blue Slash and Blue Slide become appealing. Several builds are also able to capitalize on the actual immediate effect of the card, granting it even more flexibility.

062z_10858_594f0_-62a-cmyk-e1467382673307In the current environment, the ability to represent six copies of Blue Head Knock is extremely powerful against the likes of Broly, Cooler, and Android 13.

4. Upcoming Hero Allies

Awakening includes four Hero Allies:

  • Jimmy Firecracker
  • Baba
  • Ox King
  • Puar

“What new abilities will these Allies bring to the game?”

Which of these Allies are you excited about, and who do you hope to see represented on an Ally card in the future?

4 thoughts on “Four for Friday: Holiday Weekend!

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  2. I want to see these allies in the next set:




    King Cold
    King Vegeta


    King Cold
    King Vegeta


    • i would really love a yajirobe mp added. As well as a dende mp only based around defense or rejuvenation like he did in namek


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