Tuesday Tidbits: Vegas Recap, Dragon Prix Info, and Awakening URs/Foils!

A recap from Vegas, information about the remaining OP events this season, and more Awakening Ultra Rares – see it all below:

1. What happens in Vegas…is reported on the blog

The Las Vegas Regional (hosted by DBZ Top Tier) took place last Saturday, with 91 players making it out to the Alexis Park Suite Resort in Las Vegas, NV! The tournament venue was exceptional, keeping players comfortable and allowing total focus on the task at hand. In the waning weeks of the Vengenace metagame, a clear hierarchy of popular builds has emerged. Heading into Vegas, Red Ruthless Broly, Black Devious Cooler, Blue Tag Team Ginyu, and Red Enraged 13 were the decks to beat.


After seven rounds of Swiss, the Top Cut also refelcted rogue builds like Orange Adaptive Roshi and Black Devious Tenshinhan – along with a Cinderella run by Red Ruthless Yamcha! While Red Ruthless Yamcha (Mikhail Grant) was able to earn a Worlds Invite, it fell short 2-0 in the finals against a controlling performance by Black Devious Cooler (Nick Wasinsiki). Congratulations to Nick and Mikhail for qualifying!

T4 Lists:

2. Season two of Organized Play is ending with a bang! 

With the latest additions to the 2016 Qualified Players list, only a handful of invites remain!

The last two Regionals of the season:

  • 10/15 Vacaville, CA: Pre-register here
  • 10/22 Lenexa, KS: Pre-register here

The Super Elite rankings have been updated, and after Kansas the top four players without an invite with automatically qualify for Worlds.

Before the World Championship Open Qualifier on Friday, November 11th, the final place to earn an invite will be at Dragon Prix – New Orleans. This event will award four invites to Worlds, and the prize package (along with other goodies) includes one copy per entrant of P9 Red Trailing Blast, P13 Red City Destruction, P4 Visiting the Past, and P5 Saiyan Pinpoint Blast as entry promos – with P2 Black Punishment, P14 Orange Uppercut, P2 Orange Precise Shot, P3 Orange Hiding Drill, and P6 Namekian Gut Punch for Top Cut!

Be sure to pre-register here (note: pre-registration is $30, while on-site registration will cost $35).

Finally, don’t forget to book your discounted room for Worlds weekend by clicking here.

3. The bling is the thing

Awakening’s release on October 28th marks the first time that the game has seen six Ultra Rare cards in a single set. Joining the likes of Assisted Kamehameha, Allied Blitz, and the Energy Sphere reprints, today’s preview brings us Flurry of Blows and The Ultimate Sacrifice.

In any scenario, Flurry of Blows outputs a reasonable 5 life cards of damage for two stages. At the cost of a card from your hand, it also has the upside of becoming unpreventable (thus ensuring a Crit) – while also forcing its damage to be banished. The defensive ability further enhances its flexibility, absolutely blowing out any attempt at an unstoppable attack by cancelling its damage and banishing cards from your opponent’s Life Deck.

The Ultimate Sacrifice is a high-value Event card that provides answers to the board in any Style, while also allowing you to filter a card from your hand. This impactful utility is augmented by its 3 Endurance, and the opportunity to shuffle your Life Deck is an underrated benefit for most archetypes.

As usual, Ultra Rare cards will always be of the foil variety – see the new pattern below!



Starter Deck hints!

Check back tomorrow for a look at Awakening’s Launch Kit!

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