Awakening Launch Kit (and Tournament Kit Rotation)

Dragon Ball Z: Awakening releases in just two weeks – see the Launch Kit promos below!

1. Launch Kit  

Stores across the country will be hosting Launch Events for Awakening, which is set to hit store shelves on October 28th. Each Launch Kit will include 20x P9 Namekian Combat Drill (participation promo), 2x P7 Black Defensive Burst (top performer), two exclusive collector binders, two Awakening posters, and two copies of a Launch exclusive play mat!


Launch Events for Awakening will use the Sealed format:

  • Players construct a deck from 1 Awakening Starter + 3 Awakening Booster Packs

Rainbow rules will also be in effect. Players may use any MP and Mastery combination, and decks may use cards of any Name, Alignment, and Style. Check with your store in advance to discuss preparation for your local format.

If you’re a store running Launch Events, you can obtain a Launch Kit directly through your normal distributor so please contact them about pre-order minimums and kit limits.

2. Tournament Kit Rotation

Regular tournament kits are also due for rotation, and the new kits will contain 20x P5 Orange Fierce Attack (participation promo) and 2x P2 Saiyan Skull Jab (top performer).

Stores can submit requests using the online form.  Any stores that submitted a kit request in the last 10 business days will receive these new kits.  Brand new stores can apply for regular Tournament Kits by contacting

3. Judge Kit Info

Throughout the Organized Play season, Super Saiyan Judges have been a tremendous help at each and every event – Regionals simply wouldn’t be possible without them! Judges receive a package of promos for helping out at tournaments, including the timed-exclusive Blue Barrier.

Blue Barrier is currently only in the hands of judges, but is intended for wide release at a later date.