Awakening Previews: Junior Varsity Goes Pro

Check out the first Booster MP from Awakening below!

The NorCal Regional takes place this weekend at Forgotten Path Games in Vacaville, CA (info and pre-registration here). Participants must be familiar with the CRD and Tournament Guide, available here. You can also save time by filling out your Deck Registration Form in advance.

Dragon Ball Z: Awakening releases on October 28th, and aside from the Starter Deck MPs (Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Cell, Hercule) you’ll also be able to find Cell Jr. and Mercenary Tao in Boosters! Following up last week’s look at Cell and the Cell Jr. Allies, today we’ll investigate the Cell Jr. MP stack.

Just like Cell, Cell Jr. is considered both a Saiyan and Namekian personality (reflected in Awakening’s Rulebook v3.0). Usually, decks may only contain one copy of any given Ally (and it cannot match the name of your MP). However, Cell Jr. – Taunting permits you to include up to three copies of each Cell Jr. Ally, allowing for nine total in your Life Deck. Other MPs may include one of each Cell Jr. Ally, and remember that any Ally you own may be played or placed into play regardless of a matching card already being in play.

Similar to Cell, the Cell Jr. MP stack utilizes Cell Jr. Allies to enable tactics beyond simply dumping Allies onto the board. All of Cell Jr.’s MP Powers are able to pitch Cell Jr. Allies from the hand, turning them into a multifaceted resource. On Level 1, Cell Jr. applies pressure with a flat stage attack that has the ability to become unstoppable – ensuring that the HIT effect will find a Cell Jr. Ally or appropriate Drill. Applying modifiers to this attack can quickly get out of hand…

Once per combat, Cell Jr. – On the Move is able to pitch a Cell Jr. Ally to stop any attack. In addition to this defensive Power, Level 2 packs another flat stage attack with the capability to pick up a large modifier.

Level 3 continues to convert Cell Jr. Allies into useful actions, this time allowing them to be Rejuvenated from the hand to stop any attack. The physical poke also Rejuvenates Cell Jr. Allies to provide more blocks, and the HIT effect pulls one into your hand directly.

If you manage to reach Cell Jr. – Confident, each Cell Jr. Ally becomes a deck-destruction effect from your hand. Hitting Level 4 also provides a sizable modifier to all flat stage attacks – buffing the likes of Sobering Hammer and beyond.

Cell Jr.’s Swarm is somewhat the inverse of Cell’s Draining Attack (and they combine to form Cell’s Presence!). In any matchup, this attack will allow you to blow away your own Allies to ramp up the deck destruction effect. Meanwhile, Hero Ally decks must fear the swarm – just don’t tick off this guy!

“I fight for my friends.”

Cell Jr.’s Surround is a recursive Event that rips two Cell Jr Allies directly from your Life Deck and places them into play (with a net gain of 10 stages). From there, you’ll generally want to see Cell Jr. Allies in your hand or discard pile – be on the lookout for effects across various Styles that get them out of play!

Between Cell and Cell Jr. (and a handful of Villain MPs!), the Cell Jr. Allies offer multiple avenues of usage. Please look forward to incorporating Cell Jr. when Awakening drops in just two weeks, and check back next Friday for a look at Mercenary Tao!

Until then, you can find further spoilers on the following fansites and podcasts:


4 thoughts on “Awakening Previews: Junior Varsity Goes Pro

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  2. I really like the art and powers but I’m upset with the power level. I believe that Cell jr should be stronger than Goku and Vegeta and piccolo saying as how they had difficulty fighting them. But other than that he’s a great mp.


  3. More ally bs its like they painted them selves into a corner db dbz dbgt and now super these shows had very few times where guys teamed but now ally deck everything solo decks are a joke now its to bad they can’t get out of this box


  4. I don’t know what you ar talking about Chris. Outside of an occasional Ginyu and Gohan, there hasn’t been an Ally deck that’s placed in regionals. And Tim Batow is the only one with an ally deck win since Vengence was released. Broly is still dominating anything and everything that has come out so far. Maybe it’ll change with this new one but so far it doesn’t look likely.


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