World Championship Top 8 Updates

10.00 AM – Day two of Worlds is about to begin, with each match being a “best of 3” with no time limit. For the first tim in Organized Play, the higher seed in each match may choose which player goes first.


  • Anthony Eason (Red Ascension Vegeta) vs. Nick Toth (Red Ruthless Goku)
  • Frisco Fahs (Namekian Restored Gohan) vs. Mitchell Janoweic (Orange Retribution Roshi)
  • Sundeep Kutumbaka (Orange Retribution Roshi) vs. Andre Nix (Saiyan Dynamic Broly)
  • Tim Palacios (Blue Resolute Goku) vs. Thomas Dilena (Blue Resolute Goku)


Update – 12.00 PM

Nick Toth defeated Anthony Eason 2-1, Frisco Fahs defeated Mitchell Janoweic 2-0, Sundeep Kutumbaka defeated Andre Nix 2-0, and Tommy Dilena defeated Tim Palacios 2-1. The T4 matchups:

  • Frisco Fahs (Namekian Restored Gohan) vs. Nick Toth (Red Ruthless Goku)
  • Tommy Dilena (Blue Resolute Goku) vs. Sundeep Kutumbaka (Orange Retribution Roshi)

Update – 3.00 PM

After a grueling 2-1 victory, Nick Toth advances to face Sundeep Kutumbaka (defeated Tommy Dilena 2-0) in the finals! The live stream continues here!

Update – 4.40 PM

Sundeep Kutumbaka is the new World Champion after taking down Nick Toth 2-1 in the finals! Check back later for more photos, coverage, and a full recap on Tuesday!


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