The 2016 Dragon Ball Z TCG World Championship

A new World Champion has been crowned – click below for the full recap!

The weekend of competition at the Hyatt Regency DFW began on Friday, November 11th with the Worlds Open Qualifier – where 149 players battled it out for the last chance to earn an invite to the main event! After eight rounds of Swiss and a cut to the Top 16, four players remained standing:

  • Brian Valdez
  • Nick Toth
  • Andrew Pickett
  • Tim Palacios


On Saturday, 60 of the game’s best and brightest were on display, representing an impressive array of finely tuned builds. While Goku was known as the deck to beat (with an equally potent threat in Orange Roshi), there were numerous strong choices to be seen in the form of Vegeta, Saiyan Dynamic Broly, and Namekian Restored Gohan. As the field narrowed to the Top 8 on Sunday, it became clear that fatigue was not a factor for Nick Toth and Tim Palacios – both of whom had qualified on Friday!


The top 8 deck lists from Worlds can be seen here.


The finals came down to Sundeep Kutmbaka (Orange Retribution Roshi) facing off against Nick Toth (Red Ruthless Goku), and the match featured numerous back and forth swings – including Nick’s comeback in the second game against Roshi on Level 4 with 4 anger! In the third and decisive game, Sundeep pulled out the victory with a dazzling final sequence from 1 anger – Heroic Dashing Punch, Heroic Dashing Punch, and an activation of Orange Retribution Mastery. Game, match, Worlds!


You can see archived video coverage here.









Sundeep Kutumbaka’s calm and measured play throughout the tournament allowed him to persevere in a field of Goku – earning him $7,000, an invite to the 2017 World Championship, and the right to create a dream card for future release!



The 2015 and 2016 World Champions! 


A sneak preview of Sundeep’s new card?!

The Worlds Qualified Player List has been updated, with Cory Aguilard (ARG side event winner) joining Sundeep in the early pool for 2017.

We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to each and every player for participating in this season of Organized Play – as well as a special shoutout to the judges, stream crews, spectators, and community at large! Gameplay aside, the enduring message of last weekend was clear – the DBZ TCG, above all else, will always have a uniquely enduring sense of camaraderie and good sportsmanship. We hope that Worlds was the event of a lifetime, and here’s to next year!

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