Four for Friday – Worlds Epilogue

Inspecting the Worlds metagame, a note on Black Smoothness Drill, and a featured article link – find out more below!

1. Worlds (at a glance)


2. Bubbles’ Deck Spotlight


Word has it these lesser known decks were right in the thick of things throughout Worlds weekend – many of them barely bubbling out! 

  • Orange Adept Gohan (Adept) – aka “Adept^2.dec”
  • Black Conflict Vegeta – aka “Prince of Darkness”
  • Blue Tag Team Vegeta – aka “Stun”
  • Orange Retribution Trunks – aka “Aggressive Roshi”
Orange Retribution #13 – aka “He’s Still Here” 

  • Blue Resolute Mercenary Tao – aka “Murder He Wrote”
  • Namekian Restored Cell – aka “Grind and Mill”

3. Smooth Moves

As noted in the CRD, Black Smoothness Drill was limited to 1 copy per deck for the 2016 Organized Play season. With the season at an end, you’ll once again be able to run up to three copies of this card (though it will be closely monitored and evaluated during this period).


“I’m back, baby.”

4. “On the Art of Deck Construction”

Former Gen-Con Champion and 2015 World Championship finalist Phil McGrath shares his insight on deckbuilding in this can’t miss article – check it out here!

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