Tuesday Tidbits: DBZ TCG Tournament Software Public Release

A look at some Freestyle tech, a download link to the official Tournament Software, and thoughts on Vengeance MPs – find out more below!

1. For Your Consideration: Moment of Peace 

Cards like Elimination, Isolation, and Moment of Peace are often difficult to evaluate. While aggressive decks are able to benefit from symmetrical “anti” effects, they often utilize a low Setup count to ensure a constant stream of pressure. Moment of Peace mitigates this downside by drawing a card if used immediately (while also enabling some combo potential with 1-2 copies in a play before dropping another and entering with a large hand).

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Candidates include Aggro decks with hand filtering effects (or just extra slots), “combo beatdown” decks, midrange Survival builds…

In the current environment, Moment of Peace offers immeasurable value against some of the most popular tactics in the environment. When facing Orange Retribution Roshi, MoP’s effect will completely shut down Orange Checkup Drill – while also hampering cards like Orange Retribution Mastery and Orange Power Point. Meanwhile, it can disrupt Goku Unleashed builds by blocking things such as Blue Rebuke from entering play – or even hurt the likes of Gohan, Android 13, and Captain Ginyu with its anti-Ally effect.

2. Tournament Software Public Release

The official DBZ TCG Tournament Software is available here! This is the same software used to run Organized Play events, so stores are encouraged to utilize this tool. While the software is easy to use, please feel free to send any inquiries about its operation to OP@paniniamerica.net.

3. Legends Never Die

Broly made a T8 appearance at Worlds, and a lone Android 13 Tag Team build was also present at the event. However, there’s no denying that the formerly dominant trio of Vengeance Villains have seen less play in the new environment. Broly remains as a noteworthy physical threat, while Android 13 has had success in limited sample sizes, and Orange Retribution Cooler has recently been on the rise. Ultimately, the Vengeance MPs remain as potent as ever – and time will tell if they regain a foothold in the meta moving forward!

Which previously released MP do you feel has the most potential in the current environment? Is it Nappa with Saiyan Clench, Lord Slug with Namekian Hunt, or someone else entirely? Many legacy MPs received a boost in Awakening, with even the seldom-seen Villain Vegeta receiving a boost with Saiyan Dynamic Mastery. Sound off in the comments section below!



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  2. I think Turles in Dynamic is a worthwhile choice over Nappa clench. Not only does the deck finally give players reason to use both of Turles’ named cards, but Turles has access to Nappa ally, who can be useful in this environment.


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