Four for Friday: Stay Woke

Click below for a look at the favorite decks of some of the game’s top players – as well as info on P3 Blue Lifting Drill and a note about the upcoming CRD!

1. Quick Questions: “What is your favorite deck in the current format?”

  • Sean Poestkoke (DBZ TCG Developer) – Red Ascension Trunks
  • Eric Kunkel (DBZ TCG Developer) – Saiyan Dynamic Cell Ally
  • Joey DiCarlo (DBZ TCG Developer) – Orange Retribution Goku (Drillku Level 4)
  • Phil McGrath (2015 Worlds finalist) – Saiyan Dynamic Goku DBV
  • David Fashbinder (X-0 ARG Worlds Saturday Event) – Orange Retribution Trunks
  • Matthew Coombs (2016 Super Elite invitee) – Black Conflict Piccolo
  • Tony Ortiz (2016 Super Elite points leader) – Blue Resolute Raditz

Namekian Radiant Gohan, Blue Tag Team Android 13, Black Pereceptive Tenshinhan, Lord Slug DBV, and various Vegeta builds were also brought up as interesting options!

2. P3 Blue Lifting Drill


This promo is available exclusively at Gamestop – included with every purchase of a three booster blister pack!

3. Offseason Competition

In the post-Worlds OP offseason, ARG is continuing to run competitive events – including the upcoming DBZ Holiday Events and the ARG Invitational in Orlando, Florida on December 17-18th. For more information and a full calendar of upcoming events, visit here.

4. CRD Version 4.6

An update to the CRD will be released in the near future, and we have certainly looked into some of the suspect interactions taking place with Goku/Unleashed (as well as some uses of Orange Checkup Drill).

Any changes brought by CRD updates are always given a great deal of consideration, and they are only enacted after a significant amount of analysis has taken place. Ultimately, the goal of such changes will always be to promote a diverse and interactive format – while maintaining as light of touch as possible.

A deck being heavily played in a given format is not always grounds for being hit by the CRD or targeted by the future cardpool. However, attention is also paid to the overall player experience. Sometimes, certain decks just aren’t fun to play against – even in spite of relative balance. Things that anchor the format around themselves will always be looked at, especially if their interactions are strategically non-interactive or constrict the amount of viable tactics in the environment.


“I’ve seen the new CRD, it’s good.” 

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