Tuesday Tidbits: Holiday Giveaway!

Today’s post includes a spotlight on Trunks’ Slam, a glance at decks that are trending, and a gift bag giveaway! Click below for more info:

1. Decks on the Rise  

  • Orange Retribution Wheelo
  • Red Ascension Trunks
  • Namekian Radiant Gohan*
  • Blue Tag Team Goku (Ev0)
  • Namekian Restored Cell (Awakening)

*or Gohan Anything, really.  

2. Slammin’ 

Trunks has made great strides since the release of Awakening, and his presence in the environment continues to increase. Trunks has a wide variety of Named cards, including the recently printed Trunks’ Knee Bash.

While Knee Bash offers versatile board removal, Trunks’ most powerful tool is arguably Trunks’ Slam. At worst, it serves as a high tempo AT +3 with +1 immediate anger (and is considered Styled for the effects of Ruthless, Rampaging, et al).


In the current environment, the ability to end combat is a powerful tactic against many top-performing decks!

However, it also carries the tremendous upside of forcing your opponent to pass. For aggressive decks, this effect is a huge boon – often acting as a free “super skip” to sequence around anti-anger effects, or a simple path out of combat (after having unloaded multiple cards from your hand). Meanwhile, more controlling decks can utilize Trunks’ slam with consistent block effects like Orange Steady Drill and Trunks – Frenzied in order to end combat at will.

3. DBZ TCG Holiday Sweepstakes


This holiday season, we’ll be giving out DBZ TCG World Championship bags to three lucky winners –  and each bag will include the exclusive World Championship Qualifier mat!


You can enter to win by simply replying with a comment below! The winners will be chosen at random and announced next Tuesday – make sure to enter before then! (One entry per person, winners will be contacted via WordPress account e-mail addresses). 


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  1. Been making Trunks decks since the 2nd set. Glad to see that he’s gotten stronger with every set, card by card. By the way, when will you take my money for the Z Warrior Christmas time playmat???


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