CRD V4.6

The CRD has has been updated – get the full scoop below!

Version 4.6 of the CRD is available here. Note: This document goes into effect on Monday, December 12th. For competitive events taking place this weekend, you can still refer to V4.5 by clicking here.

Updates are noted in Red, while the 2016 Organized Play Restricted Cards section (limiting Black Smoothness Drill to 1 copy per deck during last season) has been removed.

  • Unleashed gains “(Banish after use.)”

Unleashed has proven to be one of the most powerful cards in the format since its release in Vengeance, and its potential for repeated use (most notably with Goku) was capable of creating volatile early-game scenarios. This change was not made lightly, and in general you will not see Ultra Rare cards receive updates in the CRD.

Level-hopping Goku decks will remain a potent threat, but they now lack the ability to loop a single copy of Unleashed. For the most part, other builds that thrive on Unleashed will still function normally – and overall this change in text should be straightforward to remember and implement.

  • Orange Checkup Drill’s parenthetical text is treated as if it reads “(When this Drill enters play during combat, if it is the first time a card titled “Orange Checkup Drill” has entered play this combat you may search your Life Deck for a Styled “shield icon” card and place it into your hand.)”

This brings the search effect of Orange Checkup Drill in line with Singing Drill and Red Sword Slicing Drill, which caps its ability to generate card advantage. Even with this update, expect Orange Checkup Drill to remain a major force in the environment!

As always, the intention of the CRD is to maintain competitive balance and promote strategic diversity in an interactive format that is filled with meaningful choices. With these slight changes, the amount of viable decks in the metagame can increase – without invalidating any existing builds!

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4 thoughts on “CRD V4.6

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  2. Glad to see Unleashed take a hit, but I honestly think it should have taken a bigger one. This card is just too strong compared to other level-up cards such as Clash of Wills.

    But hey. At least this more or less solves the Goku abuse problem. I’ll just start running spheres regularly. 😛


  3. They need to CRD Gohan and change all his attacks are considered styled to “All attacks performed by “this” personality are considered styled.” Attacks by allies shouldn’t be considered style man.
    Rampaging is too much.


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