Tuesday Tidbits: Holiday Winners!

Check below for the winners from last week’s giveaway (and a note on Tournament Kit shipments)!

1. DBZ TCG Holiday Schedule

Starting next Monday, on-site DBZ staff will be unavailable throughout the holiday season (though we’ll still have an online presence during this period). Please submit any requests for Tournament Kits by Thursday, December 15th.


After that, shipments will resume at the start of the new year – and keep your eyes on the blog for upcoming announcements about Tournament Kit rotation/new promos!

2. CRD V4.6 Beneficiary: Black Goku

Already a dark horse contender in the Worlds metagame, Black Goku has emerged as a strong choice in the new environment. Relative to other Goku builds and Orange Roshi, Black Goku was unaffected by the new CRD.


“BSM naming Unleashed.”

Goku’s card drawing Powers are augmented by unrestricted access to three copies of Black Smoothness Drill – which can also be found by Goku’s Search. This consistent card advantage can combine with tools like Black Scout Maneuver to create powerful midrange and control builds – though a massive hand full of attacks can certainly lay a beating too!

Black Goku has a strong matchup against other Goku builds, while also having the massive upside of operating with immunity to level-down effects. Regardless of which direction you take the deck, be sure to include a healthy dose of anti-anger effects (perhaps even skewing to the extreme)!

3. Holiday Giveaway Winners

Thanks to everyone for entering last week’s holiday contest! The lucky winners are below (be on the lookout for contact via your WordPress e-mail account):

  • Jason Gilbert
  • Sean Matthews
  • Ricardo Suarez

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