Four for Friday: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Click below for a look at some of the most popular interactions in the game, plus a reminder about DBZ TCG holiday availability!

1. Holiday Shipping Reminder

Tournament Kit shipments will be on hiatus throughout the holiday season. Local store tournament support will resume in January, and at that time the kits will rotate into new promos! While on-site DBZ staff will be unavailable, you can still send any general questions to

2. Card to consider: Saiyan Face Off

Due to its perceived drawback, Saiyan Face Off has seen only moderate use in the Awakening environment. As evidenced by the ubiquitous presence of Stare Down and Confrontation, discarding a selected card from your opponent’s hand is one of the most useful effects in the game. Since aggressive Saiyan builds (whether beatdown or MPPV oriented) are more likely to have a homogenized hand with singularly focused cards, you can often break the parity of Saiyan Face Off’s discard effect. Snatching Time is a Warrior’s Tool is a worthwhile trade for the best attack in your hand, not to mention the ability to preemptively answer turn-swinging cards like Unleashed, Blue Head Knock, and Blinding Energy Move.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

An underrated Rare?

At worst, Saiyan Face Off can always be played as the final card in your hand to perform a simple AT +3 attack – and it is worth noting that the HIT effect has become increasingly relevant in the emerging metagame.

Top candidates: Rampaging Gohan, Dynamic Broly

3. Quotes from the wild…

Recently overheard on the battlefield: “The best way to beat Orange right now is to attack it a lot, or not at all.”


“Lost to Orange? Perhaps you didn’t attack exactly the right amount.”

4. Quick Questions: “What is your favorite interaction in the game?”

Tim Batow (2015 World Champion): Using Vengeance Trunks Level 1 to search out Quickness Drill when entering combat, then pitching a Red card to its effect to banish with Red Ruthless Mastery.

Daniel Green (SSJ3 Judge): I love using Namekian Hurried Quest with Namekian Restored Mastery. There’s so much power in bouncing two of your own Dragon Balls back to your hand, only to replay both next turn.

Sean Poestkoke (DBZ TCG Developer): Namekian Hospitality Drill pitching Allies and using Namekian Chest Explosion to get them back.

James Stadtmiller (SSJ3 Judge): Goku Level 4 searching for Black Scout Maneuver from the Banished Zone. I absolutely love abusing BSM to take out opponent’s attacks.

Phil McGrath (2015 Gen Con Champion): Goku’s Search with a Saiyan Back Crash in the discard pile!

Joey DiCarlo (DBZ TCG Developer): Assembling Orange Spying Drill + Orange Possession Drill and Goku’s Kamehameha – knowing when to fire off the hadouken!

Matthew Coombs (2016 Super Elite invitee): Gohan with Namekian Radiant Mastery. Use Namekian Wallop for Earth Dragon Ball 2 or 3, use Gohan’s Power for Namekian Fierce Punch, and then capture.

Jason Toro (SSJ3 Judge): Hercule’s Dynamite Kick and Orange Examination Drill – it’s a 4 anger swing in either direction, and it gives Hercule a way to compete with some of the other tomfoolery other stacks are up to.


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